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Dqm joker is my team good enough to beat demon at arms sabrecat 24- diagomon 26- demon at arms 20?

  • I am pretty sure it is, i beat him with only one monster ( a lvl 19 wight king ) I would say you can beat him easily (=

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  • Answer: I am pretty sure it is, i beat him with only one monster ( a lvl 19 wight king ) I would say you can beat him easily (=
  • Answer: May be kali will turned in demin because she is having so much skulls of demon in her neck as garland. Afeterall all these demon skulls will emphasize some bad effect on mind of mata kali.
  • Answer: some people call him that, yes
  • Answer: The "pins and needles" feeling is a result from a lack of blood supply to the nerves that service the affected region. Often times this is a result of crossing your knees for too long while listening to a boring lecture in class, or from crouching too long, trying to get that gum off of your shoe. My least favorite is from actually falling asleep in a strange position. When you wake up, your nerves are so starved for an adequate blood supply of oxygen and nutrients that they take at least a minute for full sensation and control to return. :P
  • Answer: welll uh it not George wasington or bob saget well i do know tere are good and evil gods christans wont believe you becuz they like the god with no name
  • Answer: In mythology, there are stories about demons who meet a saintly being and become good. So if you are asking whether a demon could become an angel, in myth, it is possible. But in real life, this is another matter entirely, since there is no proof that demons or angels exist. Yes, many people do believe in them, but these are "beliefs"-- they cannot be proved nor can they be independently verified. Thus, since an incubus demon does not really exist (except in fiction and mythology), it cannot be good, nor can it be bad. It can only be whatever the story about it says.
  • Answer: In general, demon-worship is called demonolatry.
  • Answer: Push ups will focus on most of your upper body, and will help. Pull ups are also a good choice. Most things that you lift you body weight with your arms a grueling, but effective work outs. These exercises wont just effect your arms, which is a good thing, because it is important to stay well rounded (By that I mean activity wise, not as in fat)
  • Answer: The correct title is; Sergeant AT Arms.
  • Answer: shaving your arm hair away several times makes it longer after a while when it grows back. This might take a while though but it is completely natural.

    I feel a little sorry for a man who would like to have hairy arms, for example I have very hairy arms, my friend has not, I think he is a bit envious of me, however, may be some men if they do have some hairs on their arms might be able to make them look hairier, you could dye them, but not the type you use on your head hair, there is some product for dyeing beards, this might be useful for a mans arms. Another way is to comb the hairs on your arms, this could make them a bit longer, so the hairs would then overlap each other and make them look hairier, remember what makes a arm hairy is the LENGTH and thickness of the hair you have, long thick hairs overlapping several others makes that very bushy hairy look, thats what I am, my friend has only thin short hair, sparsely spaced, no hairs overlap, though he does have some. Try combing the hairs gently and through time they MAY grow longer, good luck.

    P.S Really shaving them only makes them rough, a bit like shaving your face, I would not advise you to do that.
  • Answer: sister created demon with negative energy that is slightly possessed, did quija board it did same thing saying ZN ZN ZN and also going from 0 to 6 over and over.. same?
  • Answer: Yes there is say this word when you see one "Jehovah" demons are scared of god Jehovah is god Satan controls the demons. Promise you it will work say Jehovah. Then there is proof god is real.
  • Answer: well, i use to have some what of a demon that was after my dad and now after me

    here how u know if ur are being followed by a demon, if u feel like u being watched, if u hear voices in ur head thats another sigh of a demon, seeing dark shadows can be one but isnt always, having night mars or weird, gory dreams can also mean that its a demon, hearing voices that no one els hears or even have weird sexual thin to animals or people who are married or a old lover can to or even sick ness can to even dark animals like wolfs and owls but not all of these mean its a demon but most of the time it can be, me demon was at night i would see it in my room in my chair at the foot of my bed in the celling in the corner and i would of weird scary night mars that was mine and a nother sigh of demons is having thought of killing ur self or wanting to kill someone.

    dont think that theres a demon after u if u have one of these sighs u can look up more just google it like i said i have had a demon after me i havent seen it in while and to make it worse im only 12 and it was after my dad to im the only sibling that has been afected by it but if a demon is after u go to ur chruch and ask for help get the house blessed to help then ask ur priest to help u to ok i hope i could help