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How do you get bad eye sight?

  • stab something pointy in your eye

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  • Answer: stab something pointy in your eye
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  • Answer: 20/20 vision means you can see from 20 feet away what a person with normal vision can see from 20 feet away. So your eyes are normal.

    20/30 vision means you have to be 20 feet away from something a normal person would be able to see at 30 feet away. So your eyes are nearsighted.

    20/15 vision means you can see from 20 feet away what a normal person would have to stand 15 feet away from to see. So either your eyes are extremely sharp, or you are farsighted because you have to back further away from a thing to see it clearly.
  • Answer: When it is said that you have 6 by 6 eyesight, it means that youcan read from the second line of the eye chart to the bottom line.This essentially means you have perfect eyesight and do not needglasses.
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  • Answer: Yes if you are close to the t.v, so you be atleast 3 metrers away from the t.v, and also watching it for long periods of time like a few hours
  • Answer: depth perception
  • Answer: sitting too close to your tv,staring at a light bulb for too long, staring at the sun for too long,almost anything can make your eyesight go bad.
  • Answer: well its quite easy really because all that happens it the pupil in your eye is like a clear piece of plastic but its not and in the back of your eye there is like a light reflector and everything that has light on it it will reflect of you light reflector in your eye and it will show you whats around you so its not complicated but it can sometimes be difficult to understand but remember your body is amazing so treat it like it should be.
  • Answer: I think it can cause bad seizures because you might not be able to see an then you will bang into something