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How do you massage the prostate to induce ejaculation?

  • Softly rub the prostate and the anal area to induce ejaculation.

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  • Answer: Softly rub the prostate and the anal area to induce ejaculation.
  • Answer: Keeping everything working probably helps the prostate
  • Answer: Yes, ejaculation is healthy for the prostate gland.
  • Answer: I depends of how regularly you ejaculate and how old you are. For younger people, ejaculating multiple times in a day is not uncommon (typically discouraged, but not uncommon). However, even in yourger males, the prostate can become sore from over-use.

    If it happens every time, consult your doctor.
  • Answer: A prostrate massage is usually done as part of a medical examination and is performed by a trained medical practitioner. Essentially they put on a rubber glove, lubricate one finger and insert it into the anus. This finger is then used to masage and stimulate the prostrate which can result in an orgasm and the ejaculation of semen. Masturbation and "fisting" are not part of the process.

    I have prostate orgasm every week, this is better than just with your hands. It may be multiple flows, multiple orgasm movement, can control to last longer or totally out of control as it will push you through multiple orgasm. To maximize prostate orgasm, you need a prostate massagers such as Aneros. Also, lots of lubrication. To start, you need to get a smaller one till you are familiar with it, you could use Aneros Progasm for advance user like me for ultimate prostate orgasm. You can check this blog to have the ultimate prostate stimulation
  • Answer: Yes, according to some experts, massaging your prostate is a good way to preventing prostate cancer.
  • Answer: Vibrant ads track you on here
  • Answer: Clean your hand and ensure the nails are cut to minimum to avoid cut/break by accident.

    Wear proper gloves

    Sit or lie on your back facing mirror (to visually perform massage)

    cover the scrotum so that you comfortably massage the prostrate externally

    Use your your middle (if need be two figure)

    Take massaging fluid or oil or mustard oil

    now gently rub at the spot between end of scrotum and anus

    No rush, very gently few minutes a day

    Drink lot of water

    Good luck

    Bansil P.
  • Answer: transrectally.

    There are three ways to massage a prostate gland.

    1) Insert a gloved and lubricated into the rectum to reach the prostate. Massage each side of the prostate.

    2) Insert a lubricated prostate massager into the rectum to reach the prostate. Muscle constrictions will help massage the prostate.

    3) With an external prostate massager you can massage the prostate from outside the body.
  • Answer: stick your finger up your butt and push it in until you have a stong urge to pee
  • Answer: passing protin
  • Answer: Basically, no. But avoid sharp objects (including long fingernails) and keep things clean.