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  • Answer: 20 pesos per capsule.

    $1 = P47
  • Answer: Muscular endurance is the ability of having your own muscle contracting continuously for a long period of time.
  • Answer: Endurance refers to how long an aircraft can fly without stopping. It also associates for other defenitions in war planes. It refers to how long an aircraft can hold after it was hit by a bomb or how much attacks a airplane can hold.
  • Answer: Muscular endurance is a phrase used to describe how much a personcan do with their muscles. This is referred to while a person isrunning or walking and while lifting weights.
  • Answer: Endurance is the same in gymnastics as it is in all other sports.
  • Answer: any sport that is long distance. examples, marathons and swimming laps are endurance sports.
  • Answer: two types of endurance are:(1)cardio vascular & (2)muscular endurance
  • Answer:
    1. Train using objective measurements instead of just running at whatever pace you feel like for however long you want
    2. Push yourself to run farther or longer every couple of days
    3. Use an altitude tent to increase your red blood cell count

    #1 and #2 are more traditional and cost effective but if you have the money #3 can help a lot. Top professional athletes use altitude tents to increase stamina and improve endurance.
  • Answer: An example of endurance training is the military training. This istraining that is set to test your limits and abilities in variousaspects.
  • Answer: Non-endurance sports are those sports which do not require a great deal of endurance.
  • Answer: this is when you measure how well you are able to keep your muscles supplied with oxygen. :)
  • Answer: Rugby is very physically demanding. You have to be able to run for 80 minutes straight with very few breaks in the play and you must also be able to sprint at any given moment. Due to rugby being a contact sport you must also have the ability to take hits and deliver them all game.
  • Answer: Muscular endurance is used in a wide range of sports. Commonly it is used in swimming as it requires the person to be powerful and strong but also have cardiovascular fitness.
  • Answer: This refers to how well your heart and lungs work together to provide oxygen to the body particularly during workouts.

What Athlete has the most endurance?

  • Jackie Robinson has the athlete endurance. In 2011 Alex Rodriguez higgest endurance

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