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  • Answer: ER nurses respond to emergencies. "ER" stands for emergency room.
  • Answer: some of the things nurses use are heart rate monitors, computers, and scales
  • Answer: nurses responsibilities are to check the patienents blood pressure and weigh them.
  • Answer: No.

    Generally, no they do not work alone, but in some assisted living homes there may be only one nurse per building, especially on the weekend.
  • Answer: Variable depending on the universities entrance criteria.usually a couple of standard grades is sufficient, in English and maths. Personality goes a long way in this career.
  • Answer: really dont care
  • Answer: yes to keep their hair out of their face
  • Answer: If you are referring to Breast Nursing a baby, then it is a special category called a "Wet Nurse". Normal Medical Nurses do NOT perform this function.
  • Answer: Provide basic nursing care such as dressing, feeding, bathing and observing patients. Other skills may be required depending on employer.
  • Answer: Yes, you can be a Candy Striper or other type of volunteer, depending on what is offered in your area.
  • Answer: nurses and doctors can help you because they went to school and got an education to help people.
  • Answer: That Is Simple Yes And By Law All Of Us Are Required To Render Help. But If Planning To Sue A Nurse For Leaving An Accident. Without Doubt a Waste Of Time
    No. Individuals regardless of their professional status are not legally required to give aid. Some states have Good Samaritan laws which render those persons who do offer aid immunity from being sued.
  • Answer: pedicatric nurses pediatric nurses do exactly what nurses caring for adults do. In a hospital setting they can choose to be on a medical team, a surgical team, work in ICU, or post-op. You may want to work in the neo-natal nursery or the new-born nursery. You may choose to work at a physicians office. I am a school nurse.
    Pertaining to treatment of a child.
  • Answer: Nurses responsibilities are checking on the patients before they see the Doctors.
  • Answer: Ob nurses assist gynecologists and obstetricians in caring forwomen. They specialize in providing care for pregnant women duringand after delivery.

What is the average pay for nurses in the US?

  • about $25 an hour

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