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  • Answer: ittle quills
  • Answer: Nobody "needs" any pumpkin seeds in their diet.
  • Answer: David

    The best seeds are from either Dakota Style or Dakota Kid. Their seeds are big and very flavorful. David seeds are small and overly salty.
  • Answer: I think i read in a book by Harold Tietze (an Australian) that over three days he ate 3 papaya including the black seeds. It gave him a tremendous stomach pain... however a wart fell off his hand.I usually eat all of the white seeds, if the seeds are black i eat a few table spoons because they are very spicy. I blend them with the papaya in a smoothie with greens and banana.I eat the skin too if it is unblemished and mature green papaya as well.I have a recipe for papaya ginger beer here: i have been having a papaya shoothy every day and my fibromyalgia symptoms have disappeared. I am not sure if that is associated with the papaya or not.I am wondering how many black seeds i could eat?
  • Answer: sunflower, seeds, peas, corn, beans, wheat, oats, and rice
  • Answer: Rolled up in warm, moist paper towels.
  • Answer: Basically seeds have adaptations that ensure they are spread(normally away from the parent plant).

    This is a survival mechanism in order to ensure that the specieswont die out if conditions become unfavourable, this also helps toextend the range of the plant.

    Seeds evolved various mechanisms in order to achieve this:

    Burs to catch on the fur of animals, edible fruit to ensure thefruit and seeds are eaten by animals (and then excreted a distanceaway), wings in order to catch gentle breezes, some are buoyant anddistributed by water and finally some are "explosively" hurled awayfrom the parent plant.
  • Answer: no! i love seeds! michael and i have our own vegetable patch out the back and we have so much fun with it! :D
  • Answer:
    • wind
    • insects
    • water
    • birds

  • Answer: Apple seeds, along with a variety of other seeds can be purchased through seed vendors, either online or found in gardening magazines. Alternatively, local garden centres might also carry such products.
  • Answer: From different seeds
  • Answer: Cut the head of the sunflower off when it is in full bloom. Let it dry. Pull the seeds out. Sunflowers are super easy to grow from seeds. Bird even "plant" them.

Can people eat bird seeds?

  • Yes, people can eat bird seed. However, the strict food safetyprecautions may not have been followed during production of theseeds as it may have been if they were actually meant for humanconsumption.

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