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  • Answer: Benjamen Franklin discovered electricity
  • Answer: no shes a dead famous singer, an amazing singer
  • Answer: Heats up places. Ben Franklin invented it because the original heater was very dangerous and did not heat up anyone or any thing. It also used alot of wood. Not enviromently friendly
  • Answer: Shirley Franklin, as in the former mayor or Atlanta, is alive and well as far as it is known to anybody.
  • Answer: Rosalind Franklin died at Chelsea, London, United Kingdom.
  • Answer: The Franklin stove was a type of fireplace, lined with metal andcontained a hollow baffle. It is named for the man who invented it,Benjamin Franklin. It is also known as a Pennsylvania fireplace ora circulating stove.
  • Answer: She was murdered to
  • Answer: No, he never was.
  • Answer: Well you are wrong...........There is a Benjamin Franklin .22........marked right on the barrel "Benjamin Franklin"......I also have the original box and pellets and sales slip and booklet that came with the weapon dated 1952..........Well then I stand corrected. I would like to see a photo of this Air gun. It is not one I have ever come across in any of my catalogues or travels. I have been collecting for several years and have not seen one.If you can send me a message on my message board and I will respond.Rodd Luna
  • Answer:
    She and her husband were an airshow acrobatic team that went all over the country! While her husband Kyle flew the plane Amanda wing-walked on top of it. Amanda and her husband were in a bad crash in Brownsville Texas on March 12 2011 and are slowly recovering but Amanda remains in a coma.
    Sadly, Amanda has succumbed to her injuries. After successful surgery March 16, she was believed to have a good recovery chance at the time, but passed away on May 27, 2011.
  • Answer: Probably. Now...stop asking such ridiculous questions!
  • Answer: Pierce died on October 8, 1869 at 4:40 am, at home in Concord, NewHamphire from stomach problems and dropsy (congestive heartfailure), likely alcohol related . He is thought to have had alifelong struggle with alcoholism. He was about 6 weeks short of 65when he died.
  • Answer: 120 miles taking this route:
    1. Take I-26 WEST from Spartanburg to I-40 WEST to KNOXVILLE at EXIT 31B in NORTH CAROLINA.
    2. Take I-40 WEST to U.S. 23 SOUTH to CLYDE and WAYNESVILLE at EXIT 27.
    3. Take U.S. 23 SOUTH to Franklin.

  • Answer: He is a student Athletic Trainer at Cowley college.

Franklin Peirce was who?

  • Franklin Peirce was the 14th democratic president
    Well yes Franklin Peirce was the 14 th president, and yes he was a Democrat. He was not the 14th Democrat President.

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