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  • Answer: ...there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Answer: Actually just by looking at the "respiration mechanism" we can understand the forces that can make it possible for us to breath .The most important foce is mechanical force which is done by the contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm (mainly) and the intercostal muscles.
  • Answer: One can check online at many different websites for free car interest rates. These websites include Consumer Reports Online, ArtsBusXpress, and Bank Rate.
  • Answer: The risk free rate has to meet two criteria:

    (1) there can be no risk of default associated with its cash flows and

    (2) there can be no reinvestment risk

    Using these conditions, the appropriate risk free rate to use to obtain expected returns should
    be a no default (usually government) zero coupon bond that is matched up to when the cash flow or flows that are being discounted occur.

    But it is usually appropriate to equate the payback duration of the risk free asset to the duration of the cash flows of a project/investment being compared, usually U.S. government bond (10 year) rates as risk free rates.

    Pre-calculated risk-free rates based on the Svensson method for USD and EUR can be found at
    There is also audit-proof documentation available for each rate.
  • Answer: Freeway insurance offers monthly payment plans as low as $15 per month on their insurance plans. They are an insurance broker and not an insurance company themselves.
  • Answer:
    Early humans met their needs in many ways. As we see in advertisements, many people thought that they were dumb or not too smart, but truthfully they were! Most of the discoveries we make today started with their very basic ideas. An example of this is fire. But, back to answering you question. They met their needs by hunting late prehistoric animals. The fur and skin could be used for warmth, during cold, harsh nights, clothing and shelter. The meat could be used as a food source. Bones and tusks could serve as many different tools.

    Hey my name is Dylan Thomas Kellner
  • Answer: no they promised for it to be tax free, adding up to the fat cats in the market continuing to make money but the owners of the money, the taxpayer gets nothing out of it.The Us has socialised the marked in the same way as was done in the USSR while it lasted, To benefit a small upper crust at the cost of the people in the midst of a lot of nationalistic fanfare. This sounds like a cros between the economic sensibilitys of Stalin and the gentle touch of Hitler. Another Answer This question is fundamentally flawed in that is suggests the government is holding the money in a money market account. It is not. It is most likely going to put the money into securities. A money market account is cash in an account that banks use to buy stocks.That being said, taxpayers have a chance to make money here. If the stock prices go up, tax payers will make a fortune. But this is NOT interest, it is capital gains.
  • Answer: In which country. Please make your questions precise if you want usto answer them.
  • Answer: Note to contributors: There are many others that are worth looking at and other contributors are welcome to add products that they are able to recommend. Please note that web links should not be placed in the answer but can be added as a related link using the tool to the left. While adding a recommendation, please refrain from deleting other suggestions.

    There are many basic programming environments around although most of them are shareware rather than free and a good many are commercial products requiring payment before downloading.
    From personal experience, Liberty Basic is worth looking at. Although it is a shareware product, a fully functional free version is available at the link below. A registered version allows your programs to be run as a standalone program independent of the programming environment. Although it looks similar to Visual Basic, it is somewhat simpler and includes a reasonably good tutorial for the beginner. What really sets the product apart from many others is the support forum. It is frequented by many experienced users and professional programmers. Although the forum is not run by the makers of Liberty Basic, they support it and contribute to it.

    Liberty Basic has limitations and is nowhere near as powerful as other languages nor indeed as some basic languages. That is what makes it a relatively simple language to use.

  • Answer: As of this day, Visual Basic 6 is still not available for free...(Legally)However, Visual Basic.NET is available for free from Microsoft and has much more power than Visual Basic 6.
  • Answer: E=mc^2 to the negative 100.

    bottomline is force vectors are free body diagrams always sometimes
  • Answer: the basic coordinating mechanism in a free market system is Price.

According to what philosophy humans are free to follow self interest as a basic motivating force?

  • no

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  • Answer: The force which motivates the characters to participate in the dramatic action over the course of the novel. Money, women, power, vengeance, respect, familial approval, jealousy, or doubt. Also, many other things.
  • Answer: Well, traditionally, the Spartans have always been a warrior race - they trained primarily in battle and strategy and thought less about philosophy and life in general. They did have their own unique philosophy which was to never show weakness of any kind and to fight until death and this gave them their incredibly brave and fearless reputation but generally, it was more the Thessalian Greeks who were more interested in Philosophy.
  • Answer: ANSWER: basically they claimed to be the master race and all other races were inferior and in order to preserve the master race there must be a cleansing of the gene pool from all undesirable people mainly Jews but also some of the other races that didnt meet their standards and they also believed there would need to be a cleansing of their own society as well as the world once they conquered it they wanted to cleanse society of the homosexuals,the homeless and other people that were institutionalized such as the mentally ill,the disabled,the retarded,the deformed,the feable and the frale elderly who were all seen as non-productive burdens on society...Basically in a nutshelll their philosphy was to kill everyone!
  • Answer: Astrobiology and earthellism fills the void when it comes to a basic philosophy of life. No current philosophy explains in a logical way all the events experienced by Mankind. In fact, there is a total disconnect between what we see and experience and how we logically explain it. Currently no philosophy (or religion) can logically explain all the events of WWII. Astrobiology and earthellism answers every event in WWII in a way that is logical and helpful to prevent another World War. Astrobiology and the landmark discovery of 2001 of the final fate of our planet when our sun becomes a red giant helps make sense of life and also makes the scriptures more logical. We currently let politicians be our philosophers and this has led to our downfall because politicians care more about themselves than others.
  • Answer: Confucius concentrated on filial piety, and respecting others, being loyal to others, and to be obedient to a person who has authority or power. people who should automatically get the power and respect; ruler and ruled; father and son; older brother and younger brother; husband and wife; and friend and friend.
  • Answer: Confucious (his latinized name; Kung Fu tzu : Kung means " Mr." in chinese, so Mr. Fu tzu would be closer to it) believed that disorder was the cause of problems in the world. When people strove for "right relationships" through politeness, morality, adherence to the law and practicing the social graces, harmony would follow naturally. With harmony, there would be no cause for war, violence, strife or irreconcilable conflict.
  • Answer: The basic philosophy of Buddhism is that in every realm of existence, whether in form or formless realm there is Suffering. It was the main aim of Lord Buddha to search for the extinction of this Suffering. Lord Buudha gave up himself as a Prince, his family and his kingdom to search for the Way out of Suffering (Samsara). The two pillars of Buddhism to support His Way out of Samsara were the theory on the Law of Impermanance and the theory on the Law of Non-Self. All conditional things whether animated or inanimated are impermanent, be it a bubble of air, a plant or human, a table or a mountain; they will disintergrated back to the 4 great elements of earth, water, fire or air; and that all entities do not exist as a soul or self (non-self). These 3 fundamentals of existence are the basic characteristics of Buddhism which are the basis of His Teaching or Truth - the Four Noble Truth. Having accepted these 4 Truths one can end Suffering by perfecting His 8 Perfect Ways or the 8 Noble Path. Buddha taught the world for 45 years and all His Teaching were complied into a libray of books - the tripitaka; you may have read the Bible or the Koran but the tritaka consists of hundreds of books. Enjoy reading these books - have a nice day
  • Answer: It is the truths and ideas about the universe.
  • Answer: The Golden Ratio. the Greek people thought that if your face measurements were the golden ratio measurements, your face would be found pleasing. The Golden Ratio was used in Greeks statues and mounuments frequently.
  • Answer: Total depravity is a doctrine based on original sin. Itclaims that every person born into the world is unable to refrainfrom evil. It is advocated by many Protestant schools, includingLutheranism, Arminianism, and Calvinism.
  • Answer: according to me, the following are the basic law for women in India - Share in Fathers property, Right of maintenance from husband, and Protection from Police harassment.

  • Answer: Good Nail Care Includes Keeping Nails Cleaned && EvenlyTrimmed. Keep Your Cuticles Pushed Back && Clip HangnailsWith A Nail Clipper. You Should Cut Toenails Straight Across,Leaving The Nail Just At Or Slightly About Skin Level. If You CutThe Nails Too Low, You Increased Your Risk To Skin Infection&& Ingrown Nails.