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  • Answer: matty dies at the end of the book when he uses all of his energy to save the forest and Kira.
  • Answer: Allah is the only God worthy of worship. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
    The word Allah stems from the arabic word "elah" which means "A God".

    The word "Elah" can shift into "elaha" (Gods) and changes into both male and female gender forms.

    The word Allah however can not be changed and perfectly defines the Only One God who is perfect in his Unity and worthy of worship. The name Allah is not only used in the Quran. All Bibles that are translated to Arabic use Allah to describe God. Matter of fact, in the arameic language, the language that Jesus spoke and which is very similar to arabic, God is also referred to as Allah.

    Allah has sent down messengers (Adam, Moses, Noah, David, Solomon, Johan, Jesus, Muhammed etc.) to us , his creation, to inform us about himself, his law and why he has created us (Quran 51:56 - 112:1-4 and 2:255) so that we might live in righteousness, do good and earn our place in Heaven.
  • Answer: use the little arrow keys up and down to get a letter. to space, press the right arrow after making a word.
  • Answer: go to messanging and choose orange messenger...

    or download ebuddy via computer..[]

  • Answer: Guess Handbags are the best, it depends what your budget is and what you want it for. Most people want a messenger bag for putting their everyday items in, though more and more people now are using them to store a laptop.

    Rothco, Baggalini, Travelon also make some really nice and stylish messenger bags. I have a Travelon messenger bags are quite stylish and spacious. They are ideal for carrying valuables and keeping your things organized.
  • Answer: You can install the Android SDK and use the packaged emulator to install and use any android apps from within its container.
    Be warned that the emulator is rather resource intensive and may not work with all applications (such as Whatsapp).
  • Answer: To send a private message to a friend or someone you know.
  • Answer: Hi,   If /24 is your LAN network , then try below ACL to block ip messanger.   Ip access-list extended 102
    access-list 102 permit udp any eq 2425
    access-list 102 permit tcp any eq 2525
    access-list 102 deny udp any any eq 2425
    access-list 102 deny tcp any any eq 2425 Int fa0/0
    ip access-group 102 in     You can use ACL in router to block MSN and Yahoo, also you can block another websites as  facebook.   Messenger: access-list 102 deny tcp any any eq 1863 log access-list 102 permit ip any any.   Facebook: access-list 1 deny access-list 1 permit any   yahoo: access-list 10 deny access-list 10 deny access-list 10 permit any any     Thank you   Aniket Patankar Mumbai - Thane
  • Answer: 7 years for each chakras. 7 years for mind to develop and sevenyears to check mind and desires than for final decision to becomeGOD like ,to rewind clock take 12 years, five months and 5 days-total 33 years five months and 25 days.
  • Answer: Usually just one.
    Usually just one.
  • Answer: you could hunt 4 one if your not scared
    you could get one at the CafePress
  • Answer: maybe around £10.00 depending on material and stuff!!
  • Answer: Yes there is. Check related links for more information.

Were to marathon did the messenger go?

  • The famous messenger run from Marathon to Athens, which is about 42 km, to inform the Athenians that they had won against the Persians.

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