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  • Answer: This is due to anxiety, stress, hunger or boredom.To avoid it is to bring yourself aware of this issue and tell your self not to do it. Another simple way is to trim the nails very short.
  • Answer: Bumps, ridges, or pits in the fingernails are frequently associatedwith the skin condition psoriasis. However, it can also be a signinflammatory arthritis.
  • Answer: When you cut your nails you should try to cut it in a straight line or at least have it all longer than the tip of your finger. This a way to to prevent it because if cut to short in presses in to the skin and carry`s on growing inward.
  • Answer: YeS tHeY ArE... tHeY aRe MaDe Of DeAd SkIn So ThErE iS nOtHiNg NoT oRgAnIc AbOuT tHeM!YeS tHeY ArE... tHeY aRe MaDe Of DeAd SkIn So ThErE iS nOtHiNg NoT oRgAnIc AbOuT tHeM!YeS tHeY ArE... tHeY aRe MaDe Of DeAd SkIn So ThErE iS nOtHiNg NoT oRgAnIc AbOuT tHeM!
  • Answer: they dont hurt actually...
  • Answer: Fingernails do not have nerves in the actual nail. If you have pain when you cut your nails it is probably coming from the surrounding soft tissues. This may mean that you are cutting the nails too short and injuring the nail bed or it might mean that there is an infection around the nail. If the tissue around the nail is tender, red or swollen you should probably see your physician. If it is a toenail, then a podiatrist may also be of benefit.
  • Answer: Look at your hand. There is your answer. They sit on your finger.
  • Answer: Blue fingernails should look fungi infection
  • Answer: Well, what happens is that it hurts. When it is sore, tender, or painful, you will want to encourage quick nail regrowth by eating a lot of protein and topically applying vitamin E to the area.
  • Answer: That depends on which direction the waves are. If they are vertical, the cause is typically vitamin deficiency or aging. Horizontal are due to manicure damages (such as fake nails), illness, and physical stress. Take a visit to the dermatologist, s/he will be able to help determine the cause, as the cause can sometimes be serious especially as a smoker.
  • Answer: The color of your fingernails should never be orange, healthy fingernails have a slight pink hue to them. If you wear nail polish without a base coat first, overtime the polish can stain your nails, this will happen with dark colored lacquer. If only a couple of fingernails look a little orange, maybe, it could be the start of a fungus infection, although usually your nails will look white to brownish in color if this is the case.
  • Answer: They are a very transparent shade of white.
    Clip one and see how the cut piece pales as time passes.
  • Answer: no because that messes up your teeth and if you eat the nail you get very sick

What vitamins are helpful for fingernails?

  • Iron, if you have brittle nails. Zinc, if you have white spots onyour nails, also for helping to grow your nails. And B12, for dryand darkened nails.

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