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  • Answer: PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) score report is made up of three scores - critical reading, math and writing. Those score will range from a low of 20 to 80 as the highest.
    So the PSAT range would be 60 (3x20) being the lowest and 240 (2x80) the highest.
    In 2009, the average score grade 11 was 47 in reading, 48 in math, and 46 in writing. Grade 11 total 141. The average score for grade 10 was 42 in reading, 43 in math and 41 in writing. Grade 10 total 126.
    A minimum of 201 is needed to apply for a scholarship.
  • Answer: 679 is consider good in processing industry not in bankingVery low score and wont be getting credit for forseable future
  • Answer: the maximum score is 800 therefore the average should be half of that which is 400. A good score actually depends on the college you are applying to some colleges take as low as 420, but the best universities like Harvard, Princeton etc accept 600-800.So you should pretty much set a 600 goal line for each section.
  • Answer: A high neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes count indicatesstrong towards leukemia, some sort of infection, or disease.Individually they have even more implications.
  • Answer: A credit scoreis a tool used by lenders to help them make lending decisions. Acredit score is determined by the information in a credit report.While credit scores depend on specific scoring systems used,ultimately they represent the risk level that you represent to apotential lender. Using the PLUS Score, one educational scoringmodel, a good credit score is between 700 and 725.
  • Answer: This could indicate several things, from infection to leukemia. You should see a doctor to have more tests done.
  • Answer: buy osrs gold Deadman as a brand new game mode has drew allattentions among Old School players. Finally, it will come thisOctober. Death in Deadman Mode means more than respawning withoutitems..details at RSorder
  • Answer: I can not se why not.
    If your chemistry is right, then go for it.

    Because girls are mostly more mature than boys at the same age, most girls tend to choose older boys that match their own maturety.

    I have known girls at age 13 that act a lot more mature than their parents combined,
    and I have known boys at age 13 being more responsible and sensible than girls age 18+

    It is all individual matters.

    Girls should not date younger boys just because they want to help being their mother though.

    If it is truly love, then it will overcome the agegap. The agegap and differences in maturety will become less obvious as time goes on.

    Another aspect is what your "friends" will say, think and do, but this only shows what they really are like. If they truly are your friends, they will accept your choises even if they themselves would not think of doing the same.
    A lot of people do what they are told to do by their friends, but this is often not right.
    Girls tend to chat and talk with other girl"friends" about anything and everything and not even think about how their boyfriend react to it because they have allways done so. Most of us males does not enjoy having our sexual life discussed openly (or hidden) with our spechial loved ones girlfriends. Tends to make us feel extremely inferior and makes us very sad.

    It is ultimately up to the pair of you. You two should discuss the matters involving the two of you. Friends are nice to have, but a friend is only a friend. As life goes on, you keep your beloved spechial one, but friends may or will change.
  • Answer: Cameron Crowe went undercover to Clairemont High School in San Diego, California, to write his book which became a hit movie. One of the students in attendance at Clairemont High School was, in fact, Geraldine Edwards. Another student of Clairemont High was Mike Kewley, one of the original lead directors of the television series "Law and Order."Edwards and Kewley were friends while attending school together. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.
  • Answer: High strength glass can be used in applications where a metal traditionally might have been used. Glass can be made into fibers which are then embedded into a polymer matrix to form a composite like a snowboard, or boat hull, or sportscar body. A plate of high strength glass, like the windows on the space shuttle or the "pope mobile" are made in a completely different way. Glass offers additional benefits over metal such as chemical durability, transparency and insulative (both electrical and thermal) properties. High strength glass or even standard reinforcement glass in the pristine state is stronger than most metals. As for the chemical makeup and structure, glasses have building blocks of metal-oxides such as Silicon dioxide or aluminum oxide where a metal would be purely silicon or aluminum. Glasses are amorphous meaning the atoms have no orderly arrangement where metals are crystalline meaning the atoms are arranged in a repeating pattern.
  • Answer: Answer106 F is too high for anyone. If you have someone in your care or in your home who has this tempeture, call a doctor right away.
  • Answer: i dont think so but my coach for club is fat old but nice
  • Answer: Red Blood cells contain haemoglobin which is what the oxygen binds with to form oxyhaemoglobin which is then transported to the different cells around the body. Oxygen bonds with the haemoglobin when it is at high partial pressure and then is released when there is a lower partial pressure of oxygen. At high altitudes there is lower atmospheric pressure of oxygen. This means that the current number of red blood cells in the body cannot meet the cells demands for oxygen. Due to the lower partial pressure of oxygen a process called polycythemia occurs, which is an increase in the bodies red blood cell count. The body increases its red blood cell count because this means there is more haemoglobin available to bond with oxygen molecules meaning more oxygen can be transported to the cells in the body, therefore helping to meet the oxygen demands of the body even with less oxygen in the air.

What does it take get a high score on the SAT?

  • I would say, sincerity, hardwork, focus and practice. If you follow these, you would surely get a high score. I work full time. Also preparing for SAT. Online test preparation has really helped me manage my time. I use -a comprehensive site for online practice tests, review classes and so much more… right from my home!

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