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  • Answer: About 5-10 minutes
  • Answer: you must rest your mind. in other words the best way is to bore yourself to death. take away any stimulation to the brain and consciousness.also dont associate your bed with ANYTHING other than sex and sleep. this means no outer stimulations (i.e. tv video games music etc)imma psych major so trust me
  • Answer: well it depends on how bad of a concussion you have.
  • Answer: Depends on the person... But the average is 7-13 minutes
  • Answer: well for one thing, you need an extra hours sleep, and if you eat a bit healthier, it could also help, and drink water, and wash your face with cold water.
  • Answer: Your foot falls asleep when your not using it much.Your blood flow stops or slows down.
  • Answer: Its best to have a set bed time every night. You may also try only using your bed for nothing but sleep, this way you become accustomed to only seeing your bed as a place for sleep.If you want an immediate fix, repeating this relaxing mantra before i sleep always helps me: the deeper i go, the deeper i want to go, and and the deeper i want to go, the sleepier i become.

    based on a book i just read, here are few tips i got:
    1) count 100 backwards then forward then backwards and continues the trend

    2) read a history book (if u still cant sleep at least you gain some knowledge)

    3) they says eating before sleeps helps but doctors dont recommend it

    4) take swimming or jogging in the evening and by the time is your bedtime, you will be exhausted

    5) dont take naps

    6) meditate by repeating a sentence without any thoughts. any sentence will do. keep saying it with your eyes close until you are saying it in your mind subconscious. make sure you are not thinking about anything else but the sentence

    7) clear your mind and just sleep. you will eventually think of something else (the beginning step of dreaming) and try not to force the thoughts out of your brain because you are alerting yourself. just let it flow. ps: some ppl dont find this useless, instead making things worst. so try it at your own risk

    8) think of sad thoughts and cry. some says crying uses alot of energy which is why babies can cry into their sleep

    if after all methods and you still cant sleep, experts recommend to just make it less torturing as possible by:
    1) read a book

    2) watch tv but try not to wake others

    3) write a book

    4) just lie down and think happy thoughts

    MOST important, remove you clock!! You dont need a reminder to remind you having insomnia
  • Answer: I listen to music after awhile I get sleepy from boredom.
  • Answer: You kick them in the crotch several times until they faint. (made bye a nine year old:))
  • Answer: I have had a problem falling asleep too.

    1.make sure you dont eat too much before going to bed, this will make your digestive system work hard, thus, keeping you up

    2. think about something that makes you happy

    3. dont shower RIGHT before going to bed, this wakes up your mind and body

    4. count sheep or for me, frogs

    hope this helps!
    The easiest way is to start imagining things that you like or think about how you want your life to be ahead of you, this may help as it always helps me!

    Actually these days most of the time is spent without physical exercise and works are mostly mental. This does not make our body tired but mind does. In my opinion if you do light exercise before the night meals, like a brisk walk. It would certainly help. As it does for me.
  • Answer: construct a necklace from the thorns of the blackjack tree and wear it around your neck. this should keep you awake
  • Answer: Keep your eyes open
  • Answer: Not all babies are the same and they do not all develop at the samerate. Some babies are able to fall asleep on their own when theyare a month old. Other babies do not fall asleep on their own untilthey are almost a year old.

Is it bad to fall asleep with a condom on?

  • yes it is bad because condom is a greasy material

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