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  • Answer: You will have TONS of energy then crash at hyper speed. Like University of Michigan football :).....................................................................................................................
  • Answer: The morning?

  • Answer: you have less energy
  • Answer: meat or bread with rice.
  • Answer: It is :
    A) An ad slogan used by the cereal Wheaties since 1927.
    B) A 1973 novel by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (aka Goodbye, BlueMonday)
    C) The 1999 Bruce Willis comedy movie based on the Vonnegut book
  • Answer: A high protein breakfast is important to prevent hypo-glycemia (low blood sugar), in the morning hours. A breakfast high in sugar can make this worse. Low blood sugar can interfere with alertness, concentration, learning, etc. So although important for everyone it is of particular importance to children/students. ANSWER: Breakfast is important because it effects your metabolism. If you miss breakfast, your body has to use stored energy to perform, taxing your system and telling your body to store more fat in the cells. It tells your body that if we get fed less, we should store more food as fat. It is more healthy to eat 5 small meals a day than just one.
    Breakfast provides energy that your body needs to make it through the day.
  • Answer: I think simply a bold of cerials with milk and fresh orange juice with it !!I think simply a bold of cerials with milk and fresh orange juice with it !!
  • Answer: Victorians ate porridge for breakfast

    : ) Chloe welsh
  • Answer: The movie "The Breakfast Club" (1985) was a dramatic comedydirected by John Hughes. It is about 5 high school students fromdiverse backgrounds who are all sentenced to a Saturday indetention, as overseen by an arrogant assistant principal.
    The teen stars were members of the so-called Brat Pack: EmilioEstevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, and AnthonyMichael Hall.
  • Answer: to keep warm, it also helps them sleep the next night.
  • Answer: I dont think you shouldYou should eat a healthy, protein-full breakfast to keep you going for the whole day.
  • Answer: Well, breakfast gives you most of your energy and nutrients. Youneed these to start the day.
  • Answer: because if we do not eat morning we will not thinking in school
  • Answer: black jacks for breakfast
  • Answer: No because you need energy

What should you eat for breakfast if you are on a diet?

  • cake and ice cream

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  • Answer: The best low sodium breakfast is the breakfast your client will eat and enjoy! Flavour is very important if anyone is going to stick to dietary restrictions. Education is the key here. Learning to read food labels is a great start. The label will state the amount of sodium in the food. Fresh fruit, vegetables and unprocessed foods are low in salt, as are herbs and spices. It is important for the food to also be convenient and easy to prepare. There are many excellent recipe books and websites dedicated to low sodium diets, including those recognised by the National Heart Foundation (Australia). Wholegrain cereal with milk, a piece of fruit and about a cup of yogurt would be a pretty good start to the day. Take the salt off the table, watch the serving size and avoid the drive-thru.
  • Answer: breakfast helps because usually you eat wheat, whole grains, vegetables, and dairy which is usually extremely healthy, it also helps, because it gets people started for the day, gives them energy, and a lot of people are hungry when they just wake up
  • Answer: with may mouth
  • Answer: Generally men liks breakfast in bed but some people are
    decorum and etiquette not like breakfast on bad..
  • Answer: Bacon with a side of sunny side eggs.
  • Answer: food gives you energy to complete tasks and if you eat breakfast you have energy to start your day
  • Answer: The same thing as a straight or bi person would.
  • Answer: Because you will end up eating more for lunch and your stomach will start eating away at its self and it will slow down your metabolism.

    Also, without the added energy from breakfast, your brain will not function as well as it should during the morning hours.
  • Answer: High protein low carb low dairy
  • Answer: Consuming feces for any meal is unsafe and unsanitary. Some animalswill eat their own waste, such as dogs, but this is not considereda meal that anyone should eat. This can cause a person to becomeill.
  • Answer: Leftover KFC original chicken, waffles, purple drank, watermelon and chicken mcnuggets.
  • Answer: A good breakfast starts with toast, juice and cereal topped with fruit. You can also have a nice bowl of oatmeal or cream of rice with fruit, or swirl it with raisins, and walnuts. Breakfast can be quite yummy, and is the most important part of the day! If you have a big enough breakfast, that you are stuffed, then you can just have a snack for lunch!
  • Answer: You could be suffering from low blood sugar.