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  • Answer: Kaveri is 765km longOrigin of the River Kaveri :
    River Kaveri originates in the Brahmagiri hills in Kodagu, in a place called Talakaveri (head of Kaveri). It starts its journey from the small pond called as Kundike pond, later the two tributaries known as Kanake and Sujyoti joins it. All these three rivers meets at the point called Bhagamandala. It lies at an altitude of 1350 meters and generally flows from the south to eastward direction. The river is approximately 760 km long. Its flows in the state of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and merges into Bay of Bengal. The principle tributaries of the river Kaveri include Shimsha river, Hemavati river, Arkavathy river, Honnuhole river, Lakshmana Tirtha river Kabini river, Bhavani river, Lokapavani river and the Amaravati river.


  • Answer: about 75 miles long
  • Answer: A natural resource and a major river.
  • Answer: It is 64 km/40 mi long,
  • Answer: 825 miles

    According to Wikipedia, the Rhine is about 1,233 km (766 miles) from the source in canton Graubünden (Switzerland) to its mouth at the North Sea at Hook of Holland (Netherlands).
  • Answer: There is no such river called the Murray-Darling.

    The Murray-Darling is the longest river system in Australia. The Murray and Darling are actually two distinct and separate rivers with their sources thousands of kilometres apart, but the Murray-Darling basin covers a third of the Australian continent. The Darling River flows into the Murray which, in turn, flows into the Southern Ocean. The total length of the rivers in the Murray-Darling system is 6,695km which is equal to just over half the length of the Nile River.

    The Murray River, from its source to its mouth, is about 2375 kilometres long.

    The Darling River from its source to where it joins the Murray River, is 1472 kilometres long.
  • Answer: The Mekong River is the 10th longest river of the world. From its source in Mt. Jifu to the mouth in South China Sea, the length of the Mekong River is 4,909 km or 3,051 miles.

    Source: S. Liu, P. Lu, D. Liu, P. Jin, W. Wang, Pinpointing the sources and measuring the lengths of the principal rivers of the world, International Journal of Digital Earth, Volume 2, Issue 1 March 2009 , pages 80 - 87,DOI: 10.1080/1753894090274608
  • Answer:
    the river Nile is the longest river in the world. it is located in Egypt.

    it measures 4145 miles long. i have no idea what a "tributaries" is

    --- might need to wikianswers that ;)---, so good luck with it.

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  • Answer: it takes like 2 days to ship it but for it to get to the usa it can take 2-8 weeks
  • Answer: about 2 hours or so..maybe a little less
  • Answer: 1/4 mile

How long has the river ganges been around?

  • 1940 years and 9 hours !

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