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  • Answer: Well when im high I think it does so just go smoke some weed and record yourself then the next day watch it and there will be your answer
  • Answer: catch her on her time of month
  • Answer: This is because sound changes when it travels from one material to another. When you speak to another person, the sound travels solely through air towards the other persons ears. When you listen to yourself talk, the sound travels through your own body (jaw bone etc.) as well as through the air, this is why it sounds different when you listen to yourself talk.
  • Answer: Voice process has to do with computers that store human voices,speak and react to human speech. When it comes to employees, itmeans that they do not use voice as in call centers. Non-voiceprocess or back office is where the main job is not using voice butwriting or any other hand task. One example is clerical work.
  • Answer: If you are referring to the comparison between what you hear in, for example, a recording as compared to what you yourself hear as you speak or sing, it is due to the fact that your ears first hear sound waves that are carried through your own head to the eardrum through throat, jawbone, sinus passages, etc.
    this first wave that you hear is a sound that is affected by the materials it is passing through somewhat. the voice you hear on a recording is 1, missing this first-wave component, and second, you are hearing not only the shaping of your breath and power of your diaphgram, but also hearing resonances or echo or other enviromental effects of the sound that your vocal cords and mouth and tongue create.
  • Answer: voice process is that call agent should solve the queries ofcustomers over phone
    whereas the non voice process is that call agent handles the queryor problems of customer over E-mail, chat, Fax.
    Voice Process - calling process
    No Voice Process - no calling process
  • Answer: dont talk, rest your voice, and drink honey in tea, or honey in hot squash.
  • Answer: Original answer: "voice go up high..... i think that is it..."
    People should not answer questions if they are too ignorant or bigoted to do so properly.

    Inhaling Helium is always a risk. When helium is inhaled, it takes up space in the lungs that air (nitrogen, oxygen, et cetera) should occupy. This will lead to suffocation if the helium is not quickly pumped from the lungs by breathing air for several minutes. Too much helium is bad for you, because not all air is removed from the lungs in one breath. Therefore, repeatedly breathing helium will make you short of breath, effectly suffocating you over time. This does not always result in death.
  • Answer: Helium is the second element on the periodic table and its chemical symbol is He.
  • Answer: No, it is not. "Regular" air is used, and it is heated. Hot air is less dense than cooler air, and it will rise. If hot air is trapped in an envelope, it will give lift to the envelope and an attached payload.
  • Answer: You could use it to blow up balloons.
  • Answer: i beleive it .53 cents you might wan to look into it
  • Answer: It affects your vocal chords and speech due to lack of oxygen
  • Answer: more importantly are you thick, it doesnt, helium diffuses through us
  • Answer: Chemical symbolHeCylinder colourBrownFlammable/non-flammableNon-flammableLighter/heavier than airMuch lighterColourColourlessOdourOdourlessTasteTastelessToxicityNon-toxicCorrosiveNon-corrosiveRecommended materialsPipeCopper/copper alloy
    Plastic (within limitatio

Can helium change your voice forever?

  • Generally, no but Helium does cause damage to your vocal cords thatcan result in additional complications if overused.

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