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  • Answer: yes sure,its very important! how can you ask such a question
  • Answer: The reasons are as follows:
    1. to live longer
    2. have a good old years without worrying much
    3. to do things you naturally do everyday
    4. maintain mental,physical,social health
    5. Save MOney of course

  • Answer: When you have tested your self and found out that you have no disease and infection in the body. Then you can you have a good health
  • Answer: kho kho is very good for peoples health. As in this game one has torun faster, it will increase the stamina.
  • Answer: no its not good for health
  • Answer: yes the wii can be good for your health depending on what game you are playing. I would not suggest only playing the wii as your daily exercise but it at least makes you move more than a xbox game would
  • Answer: iHealth is a free health app. Give it a try!
  • Answer: eating fruits and veggies
  • Answer: Pie is delicious. Eating it is enjoyable and makes you feel good and feeling good is part of being healthy. However, pie typically contains a lot of sugar, and too much sugar is not good for your health. So, as with most foods, moderation is good for your health.
  • Answer: Yes, I will have good health because I"m fit and I eat right.
  • Answer: You must eat salads and food with no sugar. ts okay to have sweets once i a while
  • Answer: Yes, as it provides large amounts of proteins and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • Answer: You need good health to survive unless you want to die then just eat all bad things and that is what will happen!
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  • Answer: eating good sources of fruits and grains is good for your health. taking care of your bodyand being active in any type of exercise can also help your health coditions.
  • Answer: it is good to be healthy so that we have much energy to play and work

Is tea is good for health?

  • yes tea is very good for your health

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