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Can a person use alchemy?

  • Yes. Alchemy can be used.

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  • Answer: Yes. Alchemy can be used.
  • Answer: Actually it was the movement that turned intochemistry as we know today.
  • Answer: No. Assuming that by "alchemy" you are referring to the act of turning one element in to another. Traditionally the purpose was to try and change a base metal in to gold.
    It is possible to change one element in to another through either fusing the atoms of two lighter elements in to a heavier element, or by splitting a heavy atom through nuclear fission. The first has occurred almost since time began (this is what stars do and the process is what releases energy in the form of heat and light). The latter too is possible and is used, for example, to create electricity in nuclear power stations (as well as for less peaceful purposes). However, it is most certainly not something that anyone can do!
  • Answer: No. the word, itself, is descriptive of a fantasy process whereby one metal, say iron, it transformed into another (e.g. gold or silver).

    From a very technical, chemical standpoint, elements can be transformed. However, great cost is usually involved. The process usually involves isotopes and radioactive decay.

    Wel actualy, there is a way 2 trn a penny in2 silvr, and thn finaly gold. but rly, it is a trick of the eyes. it duznt rly trn 2 gold, but it looks amazingly liek it. so in mai opinion, alchemists werent smrt enuf 2 kno tht wat they had trns sumthing in2 wasnt gold, and made ppl believ they did.
    so i wuld say alchemy existed. and yes, by equivilent exchange, elements can b transfrmd.
  • Answer: Alchemy was a pseudo-science that eventually evolved into modern Chemistry, which was simply found and proven to be more right.
  • Answer: Yes.
  • Answer: Bacteria and pregnancy
    Hope I helped !
  • Answer: Alchemy is impossible, so no
  • Answer: It`s not a religion per say...
    It`s is more of a spiritual path in that aspect !

    But everyone is doing it.
    Since birth to deah, always learning, always transforming.
  • Answer: No it is not! Ive been buying Alchemy Incense for years and ive never been disapointed.
  • Answer: alchemy was used for many things including healing and future sight. one of the main things alchemy was used for is so the so called user of alchemy refered to as an "alchemist" could obtain a philosophers stone. a philosophers stone is a small, round alchemy component used so the alchemist could convert base metals and alloys into gold, travel the the underworld, gain divine powers, and even become immortal( having invulnerability & ever-lasting life). alchemy is based on transmusion and requires base elements & minerals (sulfer, amonia, mercury, etc.).
  • Answer: They have long been opposed to Occult studies and practices- such as astrology and spiritualistic seances ( conversations or communicaitons with Ghosts).and so on. as late as l968 an occult-like Carnival Act- Roltair"s Illusion- where an attractive- usually in full dress Girl vanishes in what is obviously a casket- was BANNED from all Church Carnivals on sacrilegious grounds. It made interesting headlines- Bishop Bans Lewd Carnival Act! To this day they tend to oppose Stage Magic, often taking sadomasochistic forms I needn"t get into. Alchemy used secret codes and was considered an Occult art. naturally- it got the axe.