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A bacterial infection that causes rigid paralysis?

  • Botulism.

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  • Answer: It depends on the infection. Many infections are easily cured with antibiotics, but some require more serious measures. In cases such as pink-eye, your eye will itch and ooze pus but will not hurt very much, nor will it cause much damage.
  • Answer: basically, all bacterial infections are severe and all infections upon development into diseases, manifest signs and symptoms. signs is seen by the doctor while the symptoms are felt by the infected person. but if an infection has not turn to a disease, u can not feel sick, you can only have traces of bacteria cells in your blood, urine or other secretions.
  • Answer: Hello, It really depends on where the bacterial infection is. If you have a vaginal bacterial infection then you cannot have sexual intercourse as you may pass the infection on to your partner. Men who contract a infection through sex, usually do not experience symptoms so they can be non-symptomatic in a man. Because of this your partner will not know he is infected with a bacterial infection & will pass the infection back onto yourself.
  • Answer: macrophages and monocytes or this is 1st the others are second and third
  • Answer: It depends on the seriousness of the infection and the cause andlocation of the infection to determine how long it will last. Withthe right antibiotics, most infections can clear up in 7 to 10days.
  • Answer: the bacteria comes in contact with nurturing, growing medium like mucus or saliva
  • Answer: Yes it can. Depending on the female, some women cant use latex condoms.
  • Answer: I belive by taking antibiotics.
  • Answer: Sanguinous drainage, elevated temperature, redness, increased pain
  • Answer: Both men and women can develop bacterial infections. However, men CAN develop bacterial infections while they are alone.

    Individuals, whether male or female, may develop a bacterial infection by having contact, in some way, with something that carries the bacteria. The same is true for a virus.
  • Answer: Helicobacter pylori is the bacteria associated with some ulcers. The bacteria form colonies in the lining of the stomach or the duodenum. This causes an inflammatory response, which leads to an increase in acid secretion. That can ultimately cause ulceration.
  • Answer: This is just a partial list of signs and symptoms: Elevated white blood counts, Fever, local redness, swelling and tenderness at local site, fatigue, pain, joint pain, elevated blood sugars in diabetics, yellow pus, coughing up yellow mucous. Those are a few of the symptoms people may experience. Some, not all, people with a bacterial infection get a one or more of the above. Also depends where the bacterial infection is. Sepsis is the worst and not a good situation.
  • Answer: Ok first you need to re-open the wound I recommend using a wash cloth and scrubbing it. once the wounds re-opened (you will bleed unfortunately) scrub it vigourously with soap. After scrubbing add benzyol-peroxide (to heal it faster - available over the counter at drug stores) and repeat this once a day for best results.