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  • Answer: I, you, he, she, and it are all examples of pronouns. Pronouns are words that take the place of proper and improper nouns.
    For example, instead of saying "Mary opened the door," one could say "She opened the door." Or, "Mary opened it."
  • Answer: 1. Private Contracts

    2. City Ordinances

    3. State Laws

    4. Federal Laws

    5. International Treaties
  • Answer: i am going to the movies
  • Answer: The Yin and Yang is a concept of duality that combines into awhole. Yang is active or the male principle while Yin is receptiveand the female principle. Examples of Yin are the moon, south of ariver and the shady side of a hill.
  • Answer: examples are your charecteristics(what you look like tall,short,fat,skinny,etc.)

  • Answer: Pop as in music?

    If so then;

    E.T -Katy perry

    S&M -Rihanna

    Best Song Ever - One Direction

    The lazy song -Bruno mars (my fave)

    On the floor -Jeniffer Lopez

    Till the world ends -Brittany spears

    Most of the new songs are pop songs
  • Answer: An example of a variable is "b", "a", "q", "x". "X" is the most commonly used variable.
    You can even extend that answer and show how it is used in an equation. :-)
    Simple Addition: a+2+3=7 (a=2)
    Simple Subtraction: 23-x= 15 (x=8)
    Simple Multiplication: 4x5=b (b=20)
    Simple Division: 5 divided by 2= 2.5
    Letters like A, B, or C
  • Answer: A car, bus, truck and an airplane are some.
  • Answer: There are many changes in culture where one culture adopts traits of another:
    • Europeans using catsup.
    • Immigrants to America eating peanut butter and pumpkin pie
    • Picking up a southern American accent within a day or two
    • Learning the difference between lumpfish roe and sturgeon caviar
    • Americans using the metric system in foreign countries
    • Italian spaghetti developing after being Italians were introduced to lo mein by the Chinese
    • Congo groundnuts became peanuts in the New World
    • Sushi becoming popular in the West
    • The use of Snomobiles in place of dog sleds by the Inuit

  • Answer: Acidic rainfall dissolution of limestone (chemical weathering), exfoliation caused by onion skin weathering in granite, frost wedging in rock fissures and cracks, oxidation of metallic minerals, plant root growth in rock fissures and cracks, and windblown abrasion of rock surfaces.
  • Answer: Mass air flow sensor, O2 sensor
  • Answer: Toyota prius,ford fusion,ford escap,ford fiesta,toyota camery,chevys,
  • Answer: an example of a rebel is emos,gothes and all the stuff like that.
  • Answer: A merchant argues that he should be allowed to trade inother countries despite government regulations.

What are some examples of roughage?

  • lettuce,fiber

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