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Is Mary the mother of Jesus also the mother of James?

  • No.

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  • Answer: Patience and to never give up.
  • Answer: Mary said let it be done to me according to gods will.
  • Answer: Nobody really knows. It is not mentioned in the Bible, but one tradition is that he died before Jesus began His ministry. The tradition is that Joseph had Jesus and Mary with him when he died. This is why Joseph is the patron saint of a happy death (who better to have with you at death than the Mother of God and God himself?!).
  • Answer: There are several versus in regards to Mary the Mother of Jesus in the bible. Some of the more notorious number versus are Luke 11:27-28, Matthew 1:18 and Luke 1:41-43.
  • Answer: The virgin Mary conceived Jesus via the power of the Holy Spirit.She overcome many obstacles as mother of our Lord. King Herodordered the killing of all baby boys upon learning about the birthof the messiah. Mary, and her husband Joseph had to flee to Egyptto protect baby Jesus
  • Answer: Within the Catholic church Mary, the mother of Jesus, plays an important role. She is accorded the title "blessed" and the belief that she was bodily taken up to heaven has ensured her importance within the Catholic church.
  • Answer: Joseph and James are both zebadeo sons and Joseph and James are virgin Mary sons look in the books of marcos 6:3,mathew 27:55-56,john 19:25 and mathew 12:46-50.during the time of Mary she is a Mary magdalene.Joseph,James and Jesus from one mother and different father.the roman catholic have many hidden secrets.but god said in the books of 2peter3:10-11 "but the day of the lord will come like a thief,on that day the heavens will disappear with a shrill noise,the heavenly bodies will burn up and be destroyed,and the earth with everything in it will vanish
  • Answer: First of all, Jesus wanted His mother to be taken care of when He was no longer on Earth. But he also gave His mother, not only to John, but to all of us.
  • Answer: According to Christian theology, yes Mary is the mother of thesecond person of the Triune God; the Christ (Messiah in Hebrew)named Jesus and referred to as God the Son, he is also the onlyperson of the Triune God that is also a man (only made possible byhis birth via Mary). The other two persons of the Triune God are:God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. All three persons of theTriune God are one and have coexisted for all eternity and allthree participated in the creation at the beginning of time. Noneof the three persons of the Triune God are created beings.
  • Answer: Mary is the Mother of Jesus. During Jesus three hour agony on the Cross, He gave Her to us when He Said "Woman, Behold Thy son. Son, behold thy Mother". The Most Holy Trinity has Willed that Mary, the Most Holy Mother of God be our Mother too! And She Is the Best Mother we can ever wish for!


    People often choose some righteous person as their mentor. Mary is chosen by some because she was a virtuous woman who believed in God, and being overcome by the Spirit bore her first born son, Jesus. Little is known about her apart from what has already been stated. As we can have no communication with Mary her example is all that some have to rely upon.
  • Answer: Only practicing Roman Catholics worship Mary as the Mother of God.
  • Answer: Precisely because she was the Mother Of God.