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  • Answer: The driving distance between Tallahassee, FL and Fort Pierce, FL is approximately 365 miles. The driving time would be approximately 6 hours if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such as weather, road work and rush hour traffic in urban areas.)
  • Answer: No, this is your life. You can do what you want with it. Dont make someone think your someone else.
  • Answer: The confirmed death was episode 2, series 5.
  • Answer: "Meaning" can possibly be derived from the name of each of the 12 tribes, but they were originally named for the decendents of Jacob. The Jewish Virtual Library has a really nice explanation and chronology for the whole matter, which you will find at the Related Link below.
  • Answer: No, most North American first nations had either a pantheon of gods or were pantheistic where "gods" or spirits inhabited everything. The Algonquian tribes in the area had the concept of Gichi-manidoo or Great Spirit which the early Christian missionaries seized on as meaning the equivalent of the Christian god as they (the missionaries) felt the role of creator god had to be filled somehow in all religions (The same happened in Norway etc where Odin was seen as the Christian god equivalent). The roles were not the same but the misunderstanding of the term continues.
  • Answer: The indigenous people are called Maori.
  • Answer: "What do Native Americans look like?"  who cares do you really care
  • Answer: Cherokee
  • Answer: It is an Indian tribe.
  • Answer: By 400 AD, the Hopewell culture and its mound building were all butover. The cause of this is still unknown.
  • Answer: Based on the language, the Nooksack separated from the Squamish Nation of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The great flood legend, supports that Nooksacks came from the Squamish Nation.
  • Answer: They ate acorns berries nuts plants trouts deer elk sturgeon salmon squash corn buffalo birds and rabbits
  • Answer: There were three tribes of the Jumano:
    1- Puebloan Jumanos obtained food by hunting, farming, and trading. The food they ate included like deer, corn, rabbit, beans, squash, nuts, and cactus. They lived in pueblo style homes near the Rio Grande River;
    2-Plains Jumanos lived in the plains of West Texas and New Mexico. They spent most of their time hunting and trading and ate Buffalo and other wild game. They were not sedentary, meaning that they moved all the time following the buffalo herds;
    3-The Tigua were Puebloan Jumanos who descended from the Mogollon society of southern New Mexico. They lived much like the other Puebloan Jumanos, growing corn, beans, and squash and trading.
  • Answer: They still are.

    In 1937, the tribe officially designated themselves the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma. Today, the tribe numbers over five thousand members and continues to maintain cultural and religious ties to the Six Nations of the Iroquois.

Two resipes made from the tribe Nez Peirce?

  • Two resipes just made from the tribe - are you kidding?

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