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How do you get revenge on your neighbors?

  • Drop your waste in the letter box!

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  • Answer: Drop your waste in the letter box!
  • Answer: You can sue anybody you want. Even the President. But in this case, the insurance company did not cause your sons death.

    You will need to sue the neighbor directly and if he has liability coverage then his insurance company might defend him in the suit.
  • Answer: Revenge is a cycle, not a matter of balance. if one pursues revenge on another, this pursuit will be seen as a threat and the instinctive reaction is to weaken the opponent from conducting another harmful attack. The only way to break the cycle is to realize it and end it yourself.
  • Answer: success is the best revenge
  • Answer: "Sucess is the best form of revenge."
  • Answer: You can get rid of your bad karma by cleansing yourself.
    1. Close your eyes
    2. Imagine a purifying white light
    3. Imagine stepping into it and negative energy being erased

    Karma is not related to revenge, neither can it be controlled or used. Like gravity it simply is. Everything you do alters karma for good or bad but you never truly know how.
  • Answer: Pretend to be her friend! Sooner or later she will confess out a secret or something she HATES! If she tells you a secret, you tell EVERYONE. If she tells you something she hates, then do it! It would drive her insane! Trust me! I am a girl and I would hate for one of those things to happen. These efforts will also help you become an even more toxic personality in all your relationships.
  • Answer: By doing one of 2 things:
    1. being nice to her when she is mean to you
    2. painting nail polish on her bar of soap
    Although i would definantly prefer #1, # 2 is always the next option.
  • Answer: Sucess is THE BEST way to take revenge but it takes 10 to 20 years to realize, it is only indirect (as you did nothing against the other person) and you never get the satisfation of getting even.

    Now please answer these:

    If you are boiling over with unfairness of treatment, depressed or angry and seeking REVENGE?

    Will the person be excited about a chance to win one big money prize?

    Will you like it to know you will be the only person to know that if he or she is selected, he or she stands NOT a chance to win the money and that it did happen because of you?

    And would you like to see his or her face in the "Looser" Photo Gallery, with a tag saying "Looser" along with his/her photo (sent by him himself or her herself as a condition to enter the competition for the money)?

    Then YOU NEED TO KNOW about an innocuous way to vent the steam off your system and still get your revenge and laugh from the moment you begin to act until you see the results months later and for the years to come.

    Nominate the person a thousand times over (but at least twice!) to the "Sweet Revenge" Sweepstake [ ] and you will feel much better, guaranteed!



    Revenge is never worth it and will only bring bad things back to you. Move on and be happy.
  • Answer: Going on with your life and having a good time is the best revenge! When someone has done something hateful to you they want you to hurt and to be as miserable as they are - so going out and having fun is the best way to get revenge.
  • Answer: Make the person who rejected you jealous.(or at least try)You win by forgiving.
  • Answer: Never take revenge on your girlfriend or boy friend. You will make the situation worse. Instead, give your life to Jesus Christ by accepting him as your Lord and saviour and he will give you the peace you need through all your sorrows.
  • Answer: The last abc family original movie (My Fake Fiance) took an entire year to come out on dvd. So it probably will be on dvd, it just wont be out for a very long time!
  • Answer: why would u want to get revenge? if he/she doesnt like you just get over it!!