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What are the stages of sensation?

  • 1. Stimulation
    2. Transduction
    3. Transmission
    4. Perception

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  • Answer: 1. Stimulation
    2. Transduction
    3. Transmission
    4. Perception
  • Answer: I have kidney and bladder stones. I have had these removed twelve times in the last 6 years. They can tell me they calcium based nitrogen and carbonate. They are still forming. What do I have to do to stop these?
  • Answer: Sensation: something that is felt or sensed
    well if you mean "what does sensation mean" then it is a physical feeling or perception resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the body
    if that is not what you mean then i apologise but do not know
    hope this was helpful :P
  • Answer: sight, hearing ,touch and sense of smell
  • Answer: There are five types of sensation:
    1. Sight
    2. hearing
    3. touch
    4. sense of smell
    5. taste
  • Answer: they are not the same word
  • Answer: seven types of sensation?
  • Answer: ok so u have to meet the ketchup queen!!!! she wants to be the most famous person in ketchup land but she cant because she loves someone!!! that is how u become a pop star sensation!! u just have to love someone and then kiss them on the lips for about 10 seconds or more but more would be better
  • Answer: Well, 1) You have a very aphrodisiac feeling about sex, and 2) You are sweating because it hurts a little when his badonkadonk goes into your vagina, so it feels hot.
  • Answer: I understand sensation from a Psychological and an Economicperspective
  • Answer: there can be many causes for a constant peeing sensation. The most popular one would be a bladder infection or a kidney stone. others may be from STDs such as gonorrhea or syphilis which are curable if you catch it in time but very unpleasant to have!
  • Answer: The medical term for this is "paresthesia".
  • Answer: Try an ointment like preparation H or polysporin.
  • Answer: In sensory function, sensation may be described as somatic. Thesomatic sensory system incorporates the sensations of heat, cold,touch and pain.
  • Answer: No. Someone who is positive may feel all kinds of things, but the feeling described is not related directly to the malady. There may be another cause, or it could be one of the "weird feelings" we sometimes get. You know, the ones that come and go. If it persists, get a health care professional to help you sort it out.If you have engaged in at risk activities, get tested. And do that now; do not wait.Use the link to the related question to get further information about what an infected person might expect.