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  • Answer: people around your age that will sit down with you and help you solve your problems.
  • Answer: Any user that is currently downloading a file from a seeder is called a peer, or leech.
  • Answer: A peer discussion involves members of a peer group talking about something. A peer group is any group of people with a certain shared characteristic that they imagine to give them a common experience and interest: students, African Americans, female CEOs, immigrants, breast cancer survivors. For example, a student peer group might gather to discuss their answers to an essay question.
  • Answer: it is when two peers asses each others work.
  • Answer: actually i have had peer pressure and correct me if im wrong but u can really ask ALMOST everybody and they will say that they have but in my opinion the best way to get rid of peer pressure is to ignore it. but if it gets to the point where they r personally dissing u for not joinin them then its out of ur hands get help many teachers counselrs and adults could help u! and dont be afraid to get help just ur afraid they wil call u a tattletale just tell some1 no matter who it isits better than keepin ur feelins bottled up inside! hope this helped if u have any more questions just email me @
  • Answer: Usually that term refers to professional journals in any number of disciplines. When you submit an article to a journal, it goes through a review and editing process that helps assure (but cannot always guarantee) that the material submitted is legitimate, original and substantially free from error-- that kind of thing. The process also helps to establish (for science journals, anyway) that the research was carried out competently using appropriate equipment, materials and methodology, and that the references listed are timely and appropriate.
  • Answer: Because relationships and perceptions of peer groups are strongly linked to self-respect and self-esteem. IE if you think the like you you will like yourself a little more.
  • Answer: It depends how you look at it. For example, your friends asking you to drink with them may be negative peer pressure if you do not wish to drink.
  • Answer: representation
  • Answer: Live above the influence. But if you want it, go for it.
  • Answer: Neutral Peer Pressure is when the affects have no consiquences.they dont harm your nor help you.
  • Answer: That was very good work last month, you have achieved every sales target you were set and increased the number of customers who prefer us to any other company by 25%
  • Answer: Good peer pressure could come in a lot of forms. When it comes tohealth, someone could peer pressure you by eating healthy, etc.Anyone who enforces positive behavior is considered to give goodpeer pressure.
  • Answer: A peer review is when your work is reviewed by a peer rather than a lecturer or boss. For example, at university you may write an essay or report, it is submitted then given to one or two other students who decide whether key criteria was met. For students, the report/essay and the review are usually anonymous.

Advantages of a peer to peer network?

  • Share information and resources.


    Connect to your opponent.

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  • Answer: Share information and resources.


    Connect to your opponent.
  • Answer: A peer to peer network is generally easier to set up than anotherkind. It is generally less expensive and there is no need for adedicated network server.
  • Answer: Peer to peer networks are easy to set up because they do not require any special devices to connect the nodes in the network. As a result, they are less expensive networks to create. They also do not require a network administrator to manage them.
  • Answer: With a peer to peer network, in order to access computers resources, all systems must be turned on and running. If one system goes down so does the entire connection. Where as with a server based network the connection will be up and running all the time regardless of how many computers are on. A server based network may prove more conventional for a larger network and may prove more reliable.
  • Answer: That is false. Domain models are server-based networks while workgroups are peer-to-peer networks.
  • Answer: There several merits of a server based network and peer to peer.Some of them include being cheap to set up and maintain, it is veryfast and does not require a network administrator among others.Ê
  • Answer: Peer to Peer network model is a way to share data amongst Devices in a WorkGroup. This method requires same Compatible Operating Systems & Common usernames along with same Protocols.
  • Answer: Two types of peer-to-peer networks exist that are:

    Pure peer-to-peer Network:

    All Peers act as equals mean to say that there is no dedicated server, all behaves equally

    Hybrid peer-to-peer Network:

    It act as the client¬server model because it has a central peer act as server that keeps information on peers and responds to requests for that information. Central server (peer) knows what resources are shared and what are free. They are also responsible for hosting management of available resources.
  • Answer: As a matter of fact, it is perfectly legal. I saw that someone told you otherwise, but I did a bit of research on it a while back and found the truth. Since you are downloading from an individual instead of a company, there is nothing wrong with it. It was quite an issue in Canada for a while. They said that it was legal to download, but not upload music. Since then, even uploading music has been legalized again.
  • Answer: They are predominantly p2p, however a server is usually utilized to connect users or chat pre-game.
  • Answer: Peer to peer communications is technology that allows parties toshare communication and resources. File sharing is an example of apeer to peer communication.
  • Answer: An equal
  • Answer: "peer means student, so student veiw." was the first answer. The original question probably should have been "peer review". Your peers are the people at the same level as you, not necessarily just students, it could refer to workmates, junior managers, similar types of worker, etc. A review by your peers is a sort of survey conducted among people at the same level as you, and summarised to give an overall opinion. A peer review of working conditions in the mechanical workshop of a car factory would include things like ventilation and light, for example, and what the people actually working there think about it. A peer review is a way of finding things out that are closer to the truth than some other methods.
  • Answer: Someone who is asked to review the work done by someone else, and who comes from the same background as the author. For example, one climate scientist reviewing a study done by another climate scientist to see if it is objective and scientifically sound. Or one programmer looking at the code written by another programmer to see if it can be improved.