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Is it normal for hair to fall off at a young age like 12?

  • No, that is definitely abnormal, or unusual. Your 12 year old should see a Dermatologist ASAP.

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  • Answer: No, that is definitely abnormal, or unusual. Your 12 year old should see a Dermatologist ASAP.
  • Answer: Dying your hair a lot will eventually damage your hair and it will lose its natural oils and nutrients and also become dry and/or brittle, you may experience a lot of split ends and may notice you have more lose hairs in your hair brush.

    One of the main reason behind the hair loss problem is dry, itchy and red scalp. If we do not have a strong and healthy scalp then it can not support to our hairs properly and also do not support to new growing hairs. We really need to take care of our scalp so that our hair loss problem could be controlled and scalp could support to new hairs.
    Nizoral anti dandruff shampoo is specially designed to treat dry,itchy and red scalp. This shampoo provides enough strength to hairs and also support to new coming hairs.
  • Answer: Only if it is an herbal hair dye.
  • Answer: Absolutely, lots of young people, 15 years old or in that general range, fall in love. Actually it is probably easier for young people to fall in love than it is for older people. We older people have seen how easily an attractive person can turn out to have horrible personality defects or hidden failings that make them disastrous as love interests of whatever sort. We have learned that those whom we initially love are likely to disappoint us, sooner or later, so we do not love that easily. Young people just go with it.
  • Answer: Most girls think they fall in love as soon as they have a boyfriend that is not the case, you know love when your not embarassed or nervous around the person, this is normally quite later on in the stages of a girls life because they will find they will have break ups.
  • Answer: Approximately 80 strands of hair. If there is an excessive amount of hairfall, i recommend drinking more water.
  • Answer: Young people get gray hair from hormones. Some young people may not get it. If young people do get it, Usaly it is just a strand or 2, so dont stress, your fine.
  • Answer: No. However water that is too hot may make your scalp dry.
  • Answer: hey hiiee.....There are many reasons for hair fall....some of them can be due to Faulty hair...mental worries and lack of vitamins....sometimes it can be hereditary.....or due to unclean condition of scalp...if u go on changing your shampoos and conditioner then too you can have hair fall.....stress can also be a major cause for hair loss....constantly being under medication can also cause hair loss and other hair problems...... Well i got to know about this details from the link www.parachutetherapie.comYou could get to know about the natural remedies convenient and easily available to all.
  • Answer: depends, it can do.
  • Answer: Many different things can cause or contribute to hair loss. Alopecia, Thyroid problems, stress, hormones, and chemotherapy (chemotherapy is not a disease its a treatment) are only a few.
  • Answer: Cancer does not make your hair fall out. It is actually a cure called chemotherapy.
  • Answer: Not one bit, in fact hair removal has a tendancy to cause a more robust hair growth when the hair returns.
  • Answer: Well, it depends on how young the girl is,if she is like 5 then i would say nobut maybe if shes 15 or 16+, i would say normal12 or younger would be a horny girl...