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  • Answer: The current supplied to the filament for heating is defined as the Filament current.


    When the filament is heated to a high temperature, the electrons are emitted. The flow of electrons form Cathode to anode is the tube Current.
  • Answer: Potential Source connected across a Closed Circuit Path.
  • Answer: Take only as much as you need for the flight, put the rest in your checked luggage. You need to fit all medicine in that small plastic bag they give you. All bottles should be under 100ml.
  • Answer: you can carry it and personally i do think anyone above the age of 12 should be able to carry it although some states require you to be 18 to buy and carry it but in pa you have to be 18 to buy it not to use and carry it
  • Answer: I have a fl cancelled carry permit. Can I carry cancelled insavannah ga
  • Answer: Yes, you can carry a curling iron in carry on luggage.
  • Answer: if you put it in a container
  • Answer: permanent asset should be financed with permanent and spontaneous sources of financing,while temporary assets should be financed with temporary sources of financing.
  • Answer: A lot of people can own a gun in the U.S. Felons and lunatics can not. There are restrictions on carrying a gun. There are restrictions on concealed weapons. A difference exists between owning and carrying a gun. The police in the US carry guns.
    In the US we have a different history from the UK. We fought two wars against the UK. In our Revolutionary War, King George III made it illegal for the Colonists to own guns while he sold them to the Indians. The frontiersmen did not like the Indian massacres. They owned guns and were prepared when the British in Canada and West Florida started selling guns to the Indians in 1810. Vancouver, a British trader, sold guns to the Indians along the Pacific Coast. American settlers needed their own guns. The Indian Wars ended in 1892, Americans never gave up their guns. They needed them when Poncho Villa attacked from Mexico. America has not enjoyed the same internal peace as England. The last foreign attack England had came from Bonnie Prince Charlie.
  • Answer: Yes - as long as you have a letter from your doctor or even better, from your treating specialist, stating that it is essential for you to have it in your possession at all times to prevent a life threatening event.
  • Answer: Perhaps you have made an unintentional substitution in your question? Did you mean to ask why a country with a surplus lives within its means, and a deficit live beyond its means?

    A country that relies on a current account trade surplus experiences risk as well, but in a different direction as that of a country with a current account trade deficit.

    Imagine a simplified condition, perhaps two island economies that trade only with one another. One island is rich in natural resources. Their primary trade goods are fruit, meat, and bamboo wood for construction. The other island is more sparsely endowed with natural resources. To survive, the people on the island have become expert at crafting tools. Their primary trade goods are flint spear points, bows and arrows, and axes.

    The island rich in natural resources requires little labor to accumulate more than enough fruit and wild boar meat, and is a willing trade partner to the other island. They trade food for tools to make shelters and weapons to hunt.

    During periods of drought or after the occasional infestation of bugs, the food island sometimes is unable to cover the cost of the arrows and spear points they need to replenish their hunting equipment. The tool making island offers credit, as it is in their own best interests for the food island to continue to try to hunt, even if they must loan them the tools without immediate payment.

    As long as the food island recovers, the drought eases, the grazing for wild boar improves again and resilient strains of the fruit trees survive and eventually thrive, all is well. The debt for additional spear points and arrows to hunt the temporarily scarce boar is repaid with interest and equilibrium resumes.

    But if the drought lasts a long time, or the boars are hunted down to the point where they can no longer sustain a sufficient population to feed both islands, then the food island loses the ability to support the needs of both islands, and starvation eventually thins the population of both islands.
  • Answer: current s and s is an abbreviated way of saying current signs and symptoms
  • Answer: This is a tricky question. You do not want to complain about yourboss or co workers. You could say there was not room for growth oradvancement.
  • Answer: Stefan Jacoby is President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America:

    Martin Winkerhorn is CEO of Volkswagen Global:

What will not carry a current?

  • Non conductive materials like plastic or glass.

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