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  • Answer: it depends on the person, but if the average person drinks and eats right it will get it out of theme within 3-5 days
  • Answer: If you have a normal kidney function, it takes up to 4 hours forhalf of the ingested paracetamol to exit your system. At thispoint, it will have lost any noticeable effects on the body,however a small concentration will persist for a longer time.
  • Answer: i think that depends on how long u have been taking it. I was told it has a 36 hour shelf life meaning if you take 8mgs today 24 hours later there will still be some in your system for up to 36 hours. so if you take it for a week, same amount everyday then it builds up so it would take about 48 hours or more to feel the withdraws from it in full effect.but everyones different.
  • Answer: The flavovate stay in the human body system for up to 90 days whichis equivalent to three months. After three months a test offlavovate will return a negative test.
  • Answer: It depends on how much alcohol was in the drink and on your body. On average alcohol is metabolized at a rate of .015 BAC per hour, so divide your BAC by .015 and you get how many hours the drink will be in your system. Another way is for every half pint of beer or 25 mL of liquor you drink, it will stay in your system for 1 hour. A half pint of vodka will take 10 hours.
  • Answer: it can last up to 7 hours according to the dose
  • Answer: Amphetamines can stay in your system for up to 90 days depending on the frequency of use.
  • Answer: Xanax stays in your system about 24 hours. It is a medication usedfor anxiety and is meant to get you through short term situations.This can be an addictive medicine.
  • Answer: how long will salt amphetamines stay in your body system? Answer: its detectable in urine about 2-4 days after use, Methamphetamine is detectable slightly longer at 3-5
  • Answer: There are certain factors that may influence the amount of timethat methadate will stay in your body. However, the average personwill have it in the system for a day.
  • Answer: Clarithromycin at 500mg dose taken twice a day (every12hrs or so) ususally takes bewtween 7-9 hours for 50% to be cleared out of the of body, so really 14-18hrs for it to completely clear
  • Answer: The time it takes for the body to eliminate one half of a caffeine dose is normally between 3 to 12 hours. It is called the half-life of caffeine. Several factors can shorten or lengthen the half life of caffeine. Smoking, medications and diseases are some factors. Pregnant women have higher caffeine half-life, 18 to 20 hours - pretty much longer for the fetus since its organs are not yet fully formed to be able to eliminate caffeine easily. About 99% of the elimination process takes place in the liver.
  • Answer: The amount of time that weed can stay in your system will depend onhow frequent you smoke it. It may last for a couple of days up toseveral months or years.
  • Answer: Severe exposure - 18 hours or more. Moderate exposure, 4-6 hours. In either of these cases, do NOT wait until symptoms occur; go immediately to a hospital for an ethanol infusion.

How long does marijauna stay in system?

  • It takes about 4 weeks.

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  • Answer: It takes about 4 weeks.
  • Answer: You should never smoke unless prescribed by a doctor. I believe it will always be in your system in one form or another
  • Answer: Yes the more u smoke more THC enters your body and sticks to your fat cells thus the more u smoke the longer it stays in ur system because u have more to get rid of. If your skinny it exits your body faster, as opposed to being overwieght it takes longer.
  • Answer: there is no way really just dont use it for a long time and eventually it will be out of you system. i think it might take about 1 or 2 days and drink vinegar to get it out faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Answer: There are several experimental methods for this purpose. DrinkFluids assimply increasing your fluid intake could help. Eat morevegetables. Green tea or an herbal tea can also be used. Exerciseand excessive sweating.
  • Answer: Yes through inhalation just like if you are near someone who smokes
  • Answer: You have 2 blow the smoke out of your A$$!!
  • Answer: Cat is digested at a similar rate to any other red meat, which on average take from 1 to 3 days to be completely digested and eliminated from the body. If devoured entirely, there may be other factors.
    Hair (fur) is not digestible and in large enough quantities, the undigested hair might eventually develop into a "trichobezoar," a hairball, which could ultimately require emergency surgery. The sharp nails may also be problematic, as they are chemically similar to hair, and as well as not being digested, could cause lacerations of the gastrointestinal tract. In regards to the bones, it depends on how much processing (chewing) has occurred before the cat was swallowed. Humans can break down bone with enzymes and acids that are found in the stomach. This is a function intended to break down and smoothe sharp edges of bone which have been ingested accidentally, allowing them to pass through the body without causing damage. In large quantities, specifically an entire cat, the amount of surface area of the bone will play a major role in determining the time-frame of digestion.

    Additional factors, such as the size, breed and whether or not the cat was domesticated may play a role in determining the processing time, however one may ask the question, "If you made the decision to eat your pet, do you really care how long it takes before you drop the brown kittens off to the pool?"
  • Answer: The excretion half-life of metoprolol- both immediate and extended release- is anywhere from 3 to 7 hours.
  • Answer: Glucophage is a drug that is used to treat diabetes. It has a halflife of 4 to 8 hours, which means that about 4 to 8 hours after youtake it, only half of the dose is left in your system. Depending onhow your body metabolizes this drug, it is typically gone from yoursystem in one to two days.
  • Answer: After lots of research myself, websites,, google, wikipedia and other people, many say the average is 30 days but i would disagree. Personally if you drink lots of water, do plenty of exercise to sweat, if you digest alcohol pretty quickly then maybe a few pints, should be out of your system pretty fast however THC (The chemical that makes you high and that they look for) is absorbed by your fat cells so if your somewhat of a "larger size" then it may stay in your body for a while longer.Basically, exercise, drink lots, eat normal, should be the quickest way of getting it out of your system.
  • Answer: Buprenorphine (Suboxone) has an elimination half-life of about 37 hours. This means that every 37 hours, half of the buprenorphine left in your body is removed. After the first 37 hours, only 1 mg will be left, after 74 hours, 0.5mg are left, etc. In short, most of the drug will be gone in 4 or 5 days, but it will be weeks before all of it is gone.