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What are the four basic parts to a human cell?

  • 1.Nucleus/Nucleolus1.Nuclear MembraneCytoplasm1.Chromosomes

    2.cell membrane

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  • Answer: 1.Nucleus/Nucleolus1.Nuclear MembraneCytoplasm1.Chromosomes

    2.cell membrane
  • Answer: The names of three parts of a human cell are the nucleus,mitochondria and ribosomes. The nucleus is the command center ofthe cell, mitochondria convert energy from food into usable energyand ribosomes create protein.
  • Answer: wich cell....
  • Answer: In most cases, you cannot. Some models of basic phones have data transfer software that use the Cloud, and that may be accessed by the other phone using the same software.
  • Answer: 5 or in some cases 6
  • Answer: The basic parts of a battery are: electrolyte(the semi-fluid that produces the charge), casing to hold this semi-fluid, and two electrodes: anode(positive) and cathode(negative).
    The electrolyte usually consists of two or more substances, e.g.: zinc+carbon, lead+acid, etc.

    Parts To A Battery

    The positive terminal of a primary battery is always known as the cathode, and the negative terminal is always known as the anode. In a secondary battery, this terminology is the same during discharge but reversed during recharge cycles. For this reason, terminals are usually described as positive or negative in secondary batteries, and the terms anode and cathode are not usually used.

    Cathode And Anodes In Li-ion Batteries Unlike most secondary batteries, the positive and negative terminals of a lithium-ion battery are called by standard cathode and anode names. This is because the polarity remains the same during the recharging cycle as it is during the discharge cycle. The charging voltage is higher than the discharge voltage, and the current is forced in the reverse direction.
    The anode is typically carbon, and the cathode is a metal oxide. It is typically a layered oxide, such as lithium cobalt oxide, but it may also be constructed of lithium manganese oxide or a lithium iron phosphate. The electrolyte is a proprietary mixture of organic carbonates and non-aqueous, non-coordinating lithium ion complexes. The electrolytes are separated by a polymer membrane.During the discharge cycle, lithium ions carry charge through the polymer membrane from the anode to the cathode. When a higher voltage is applied, lithium ions move in the reverse direction, from the cathode to the anode.
  • Answer: the terior and physic state
  • Answer: the 4 basic parts of rockets are the wings the tail and the top and bottom p.s the wings are right the other 3 not so much
  • Answer: depends on what your car has, it may not have all the following parts:Spark plugsplug wirescaprotorspark plug gapperPCV valve and fuel filter optionalalso look at air filter
  • Answer: Igniter, Motor Case, Nozzle, Insulation and Propellant
  • Answer: water trees and ground
    There three basic part of earth are The crust The mantle The core

  • Answer: These are the basic parts of the neuron
    1. the Dendrites (the nerve endings)
    2. the axon (the body)
    3. the Soma (the cell body)

    the axon is covered by the myelin sheath and like any other cell it has the nucleus
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