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  • Answer: You can buy it from any neighbourhood hardware shops.
  • Answer: Houses need insulation to keep indoor temperature manageable. Without it, the heat or cool air conditioning a home owner puts inside will not be contained.
  • Answer: Thats what i want to know :O
  • Answer: Insulation that contains asbestos should be disposed of by atrained hazard waste crew. Insulation from wiring should be treatedas a plastic and disposed of in plastic receptacles for recycling.
  • Answer: Home insulation is generally something that helps to keep your home warm in cool weather and vice versa. There are many ways to insulate your home. One of them is to get insulated window treatment for your windows. There are a lot of window treatments that will insulate your home perfectly. You can find window blinds, shades and shutters and even draperies that have great insulating features. They can be quite costly, but since they save you energy required for heating and cooling, they will pay you in the future.You can find additional information about different window treatments on
  • Answer: Asbestos sheet, ceramic or marble may be used as insulators.
  • Answer: Testers the integrity of certain electrical objects.
    Information website is below.
  • Answer: To keep themselves warm. (insulation is taken from insulate)
  • Answer: The same way a cover or even clothes help you hold in heat.
    Thermal insulation, which is in many homes and buildings, is believed by many to be the most common type of insulation. The design of thermal insulation is intended to decrease the transfer of heat between the interior of an edifice and the outside. Thermal insulation helps a building to maintain heat throughout the winter season. It also helps the building to remain cool during the summer months. Although, no material can completely hinder the transfer of heat from one area to another, there are; however, many resources that can slow down the transfer process.
  • Answer: Most transformers are insulated with polymers or porcelain. Sometransformers have an oil based insulation which must be kept dry toremain effective.
  • Answer: Can lights that are rated as IC "insulation contact" are the only style approved for use with blown or batt insulation.
  • Answer: Obviously the more the better. But 6-8 inches is a very good thickness.
  • Answer: To remove insulation such as fiberglass from clothing, you must putthem through a cycle in the washing machine. Ensure that you arewearing gloves before handling the contaminated clothing and placethe items in the washing machine drum. Add laundry detergent to themachine and wash as normal.

What are the main purposes of insulation?

  • To keep heat from escaping your body to prevent your body from shutting down and you dying.

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  • Answer: To keep heat from escaping your body to prevent your body from shutting down and you dying.
  • Answer: to keep warm air in and cold air out
    hope it helps :)
  • Answer: The main purpose of the Operating System (OS) is to Control & Manage Input/Output functions, File System, Memory allocation & execute processes through Processor.
  • Answer: The purpose of a nurse is to promote health and wellness, prevent illness, restore health, and care for the dying.

    Ramont, R.P. & Niedringhaus, D.M. (2008). Fundamental Nursing Care. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Pearson Prentice Hall. (p 9)
  • Answer: 1 to manage the countries expenses 2 to manage the counties military 3 to create laws and enforce them
  • Answer:
    • Protection
    • Order
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Economic Stability
    • Public Services

  • Answer: PlanningAllocation & co-ordination of resourcesCommunicationMotivationControlPerformance evaluation
  • Answer: to provide current to start vehicle and supply modules with voltage before start up
  • Answer: The main purpose of psychoanalytical therapy is to access subconscious desires
  • Answer: The primary purpose of an airspeed indicator in an aircraft is to give the pilot some sense of how fast the aircraft is moving. A pitot tube, which is a forward pointing hollow tube that is mounted on the plane, is pressurized by the force of the air the plane encounters as it flies. This air pressure is compared to a static reference, and the difference is proportional to the airspeed. The faster the plane moves, the higher the pressure in the pitot tube, and the greater the difference between that and the reference. All that will result in higher indicated air speed. There are some issues associated with the accuracy of the system (like when the plane is flying into a headwind), and information on that and more detail in general can be found by using the link to Wikipedia. The pictures are informative, and a reader can pick up a handful of specialized terms relating to the device and the principles upon which it operates.


    The airspeed indicator provides the pilot with an indication of relative airspeed -- or how fast the aircraft is moving relative to the air in which it is flying. This is important to a pilot because it is relative airspeed that affects the performance of the airplane. If airspeed gets too low, the plane will stall; if airspeed gets too high, the plane will suffer structural damage/failure. By monitoring airspeed, and making necessary control adjustments, a pilot ensures that the airplane performs as designed. Fortunately, aircraft are designed -- and pilots are trained -- such that these extreme cases are routinely avoidable.
  • Answer: Hunting - killing animals
    Eating - cutting meat.
    Chopping - shaping artifacts.
  • Answer: Blue agave is said to be healthier than regular sugar because it is low on the glycemic index. This means that agave will not cause a spike in blood sugar like sugar will. However, many agave formulas have been highly refined, which nearly eliminates any healthy benefits they may have had.
  • Answer: the purpose of English for occupational purpose is that for different professions or occupations different terms regarding that occupation are used for instance medical,engineering,commerce etc
    in all above professions a single language uses different terms,techniques,words and rules.
  • Answer: Its grams per square meter.
    This means 40 grams of insulation per square meter.