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  • Answer: First of all there is a lot of pollution and damage done when the raw materials are produced that make up the car. then as the car gets used it produces further pollutants from the engines and engine wear, not to mention noise, danger to pedestrians and animals. ongoing need for replacement parts and the disposal of the old materials and finally the need for the disposal of the whole unit as it becomes uneconomical to the owner to use.
  • Answer: On the one hand, they make travelling easy, but on the other hand, the produce CO, which a poisonous gas which is dangerous to the environment.
  • Answer: well when the car burns gas and carbon dioxide it mixes in and causes a secondary pollution which then rises into the sky and tears away at the ozone layer which protects our earth from the suns UVA AND UVB rays witthout the ozone layer we could die because the ozone layer would be destroyed and we would burn
  • Answer: well there damaging the earth by all the gas, we need to start making electric cars even though there r some electric cars already!!
  • Answer: A bad "earth" connection means a poor ground connection to the earth which is not technically how it works in cars. This would be the appropriate way to say something for homes or systems connected physically to the ground.

    A bad ground connection in cars simply means that there is one or more grounding wires that have a loose, corroded, or otherwise faulty connection.

    This can adversely affect vehicle performance depending on what circuits use the ground. When there is a poor ground connection there is more resistance in the circuit that needs it (not good). There can also be an intermittent connection which will also cause issues.

    Ground connections may come loose from age if they are bolted in place or become rusted.

    A shop manual for the specific vehicle should have detailed information on where every single ground connection is on the car.
  • Answer: To be precise, nothing in gasoline itself pollutes the air. It is actually the exaust after the gasoline is used to make the car go-go. Then the exaust gets into the air and all the greenhouse gases like CO2 get in the air, and the air gets polluted.
  • Answer: it spoils the environment and spoils human health
  • Answer: WE BREATHE the air. If we pollute it, we need air, so we breathe it in and get sick.
  • Answer: You pollute by using any type of nonrenewable resource, letting toxins get in the air, using many air fresheners... I could go on and on. There is really no way to stop pollution altogether, for if all pollutions stops... all life stops.
  • Answer: Nobody seems to know the answer, so type in this question:What is in gas that pollute the air? That should help answer your question!!!
  • Answer: Humans can pollute the air in many ways, one of these ways is bysaying mama. Another way in which humans pollute the air is bysinging mama song. Believe it or not cows are also polluting theair by go close to your mama
  • Answer: The rubbish that the binmen collect from your house or you put in the dump is then transported into the sea. Also the engines on ships give off fumes that kill some fish
  • Answer: Pollute just means to make harmful for life, like SMOKE stacks. They produse SMOKE!
  • Answer: By using them to dispose of waste such as sewage.

How cars pollute the earth?

  • The bad gas pollutes the earth.

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  • Answer: Cars pollute the air by letting pollution out of it. Whenever a car has gas leaks, or smoke shooting out of the tubes in the back of it, it is always harmful to the air.
  • Answer: The bad gas pollutes the earth.
  • Answer: by trowing trash on the ground
  • Answer: Some people care about the earth and need no persuasion. Sadly, most people do not care and they need some kind of reward and/or punishment to stop polluting. In the US, a few states have already enacted such legislation.
  • Answer: The octanes and methane released threw your muffler/exhaust
  • Answer: They are gas powered and produce the same CO2 and pollution as any other gas powered unit. They just produce a little bit less of it.
  • Answer: alot. think about all the cars on at the same time.
  • Answer: Pollution emissions can be measured by mass of pollution for the source or the per capital pollution foe each person using it.The average bus probably does pollute more than the average car or van, but it is more efficient in that the one bus will serve many more people. On aper passenger basis a car with One passenger can be 10 times more "dirtier" than a full bus. (See Link)
  • Answer: Dumping your car in the water pollutes the water.
  • Answer: By generating chemicals in the engine and exhausting them straightinto the atmosphere.

    The fuel is in two parts: hydrogen and carbon from the gasoline,which is a hydrocarbon fuel, and oxygen that comes in through theair filter. Nitrogen also comes in and that also has an effect.

    The pollution is mainly in the form of the greenhouse gas carbondioxide, CO2. Gases possess mass just like liquids and solids do,and in a car engine the major reaction that produces heat energy isthat for 1 kg of fuel we have 840 gm of carbon plus 160 gm ofhydrogen combining with 3520 gm of oxygen to give 3080 gm of CO2and 1440 gm of water. These reactions also produce 12.2 millioncalories of heat. The above figures are derived assuming heptanefuel which is a good approximation. A rough rule of thumb is thatburning 1 kg of fuel produces 3 kg of CO2; or burning 1 pound offuel produces 3 pounds of CO2.

    Other minor reactions produce carbon monoxide from imperfectcombustion, and nitrogen oxides from the action of heat on thenitrogen in the cylinder.
  • Answer: Cars pollute the environment because smoke comes out of their muffler and smoke is bad
  • Answer: I think you are referring to carbon monoxide.
  • Answer: There are over 806 million cars on the earth!