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  • Answer: Having a lot of health problems could be dangerous for your body in terms of your body working harder than normal to do every day functions. Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle can help ease some of the problems you may be facing. You should consult a doctor to be sure that you are healthy enough to work out.
  • Answer: UVB rays are more dangerous and damaging.

    there are many different category of rays which are harmful for human
    and extent of harm depends upon the extent of exposure.
    X rays if exposed for longer time may be dangerous.UV rays during experimentation is exposed more by the students so care must be taken.
  • Answer: My daughter wants to order Liquid which contains 85% of Rhodium and 15% of Gold. I am concern about Rhodium, because I know that it is radioactive metal. Can you tell me please, is it dangerous for her health?
  • Answer: poisonous chemical combination of vegetables are dangerous for health.
  • Answer: Na its coolz coz davo has a 2"er and needz to suck on da pussay
  • Answer: yes,it is dangerous becuse you migth get sick.
  • Answer: No. hydrophilic is an adjective that describes the quality of a substance as relates to its solubility in, or absorption of, water. The word literally means "water loving", however you would not use it to describe a duck for instance, even though they do love water ... you could say that a duck is a hydrophile, that is one that loves water. One place you might see the word would be in a description of certain soft contact lenses ... they are occasionally described as hydrophilic which in that case means they absorb a certain amount of water and allow water to pass through them ... in this case it means that certain water soluble gases, such as oxygen will more readily pass through the lens. This is a healthier type of contact lens. Could a substance that is hydrophilic be harmful to you? Yes, but the fact that something IS hydrophilic does NOT mean it is necessarily harmful, it could be good for you. Again, the word is descriptive of a quality of a substance, but does not indicate, in itself, that the substance is dangerous to you in any way. I hope this helps.
  • Answer: They can be in two main ways.They can damage a lot of materials and foods in searching forfood, and pollute them with their droppings and urine.They can carry fleas which in turn can carry harmful organisms.This was how the big plagues spread across Europe in centuriespast.And of course if you cornered one it will try to fight its wayout, possibly inflicting a small but nasty bite full of germs.
  • Answer: well I was throwing up for about 2 hours at a party from it so Im just guessing it is
  • Answer: Smoking can cause lung disease, cancer, and many other lifethreatening problems. It can also cause damage to unborn children,and non-smokers that are exposed to the smoke.
  • Answer: An infected wisdom tooth can definitely become dangerous to yourhealth. Any infection could potentially be life threatening if nottaken care of.
  • Answer: it is dangerous because it is and iron oxide on the metal and you would have to be extremely retarded to eat rust (iron oxide)
  • Answer: Yes it can be very dangerous because of the acid in the tomatos mixing with the green stuff in the spinach. The side effects are anything from turning a reddish green colour to urinating bolognaise sauce. In extreme cases toxic smoke can come out of your ears causing death by poisoning.
  • Answer: Silica fume, also known as microsilica, is a byproduct of the combustion of quartz, coal and wood chips during the production of silicon metals. silica improves compressive strength, bond strength, and the abrasion resistance of concrete. Prior to the 1970s, its release into the atmosphere was permitted, but environmental concerns eventually forced its collection and deposition into landfills. It then became economical for silica fume to be used in various applications, chiefly in high-performance concrete. Consisting of fine silicon dioxide particles that are approximately one-hundredth the size of the average cement particle, silica fume is the cement substitute of choice where high strength is critical, such as in high-rise buildings. Cement that contains silica fume looks darker than ordinary cement. Although a respirator should be worn while handling pure silica fume, a cement-silica fume mix is not considered dangerous to humans.

Is homosexuality dangerous to your health?

  • No. Just as a Heterosexual relationship, homosexuality presents thesame "risks" in sexual activity. It is up to both partners to makesure they have been checked for any STDs and play safely.

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  • Answer: No. Just as a Heterosexual relationship, homosexuality presents thesame "risks" in sexual activity. It is up to both partners to makesure they have been checked for any STDs and play safely.
  • Answer: The World Health Organization removed homosexuality from there listof diseases and mental illness on May 17th 1990. This day is nowcalled the International day against homophobia.
  • Answer: Following a vegetarian diet is not dangerous to your health unless you do not consume a sufficient variety of foods to get all the different required nutrients.Vegetarians may be a step ahead of some of us because they generally give more thought to what they are eating and make more considered food choices. But they must extend their consideration to insure that their diets contain the nutritional requirements and caloric bulk to insure their health.
  • Answer: Obesity places individuals at higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, hyperlipidemias and other health problems.
  • Answer: Arsenic is found naturally in the environment but if you are exposed to unusually large amounts of it frequently or for a long period of time, then yes arsenic can make you sick and become dangerous to your health.
  • Answer: I am not sure the question you are to ask, but there are many things that are hazardous and dangerous to human health.
  • Answer: Increases blood pressure...
  • Answer: Drinking alcohol in moderation is associated with better health and greater longevity than is abstaining from it. It is the abuse of alcohol that increases the risk of health problems.
  • Answer: "No it is not at all is a habit forming depresses the CNS .and effect the functioning and locomotor activity of body"

    Thats what many people will tell you, but that is completely false. Marijuana (or ganja, pot, weed, etc) does not form habits unless the smoker is weak minded and has a habit of blaming other things for his/her problems. I first smoked marijuana when I was 12. I loved the feeling of being high so I smoked more and more. After a solid month of getting stoned I ran out of money. I didnt smoke for a couple of months. I didnt crave it at all during the months I was sober. Occasionally I will smoke a bowl to relax with friends, but I dont NEED it. Its not an addictive drug and anyone that tells you otherwise is either lying, has never smoked it, or did smoke it but was weak minded.

    Watch the documentary SUPER HIGH ME to get a better understanding.
  • Answer: If you can stand the taste (it repulses me) it is harmless to your health. Many people drink it exclusively, for their own reasons.