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  • Answer: Speed limits are based on safety, not entertainment, and many factors contribute to setting a speed limit.

    Residential areas, business areas and school areas all have reduced speeds because of the likelihood that a pedestrian could be hit or killed, and to allow for congestion.

    Freeways and interstates have higher limits because access is limited and usually moves in one direction only, making driving safer.

    Some people believe that governments lower speed limits to raise revenue and do not focus on safety.
  • Answer: This is the range in which the body operates normally.
  • Answer: The Constitution gives no age limit, only an age requirement. So in the future - if we live to be hundreds of years old (Like they did a long time ago - see genesis in the Bible) then the President could be as old as ever. So you could write it like so - President 35+
  • Answer: yes like candy or money or food
  • Answer: it is set so we all would be safe and controlled if people drove at what rate the wanted to then there will be lots of problems and car crashes
  • Answer: Yes you can! Most of the people actually came from backgrounds suchas medical assisting, medical transcribing etc., when they got intothis field. I think most of them were working students by thattime. While many individuals who pursue a career as a physicianmajor in biology at the undergraduate level, many others come froma variety of other educational backgrounds. You should meet with acareer counselor at the college or university you attend for whatoptions exist for you. The important issue is preparing for theappropriate prerequisites required for medical school. The studentshould have a strong background in the following areas.

    • Biology (cell biology, biology of the organism)
    • Chemistry (inorganic, organic)
    • Physics
    • Communication (written and oral)
    • Higher level math
    • Computer literacy
    • Development of good critical thinking skills.

  • Answer: It can addict you to what ever it is that has the nicotine in it.
  • Answer: Nicotine is an alkaloid found in the nightshade family of plants. It is also the addictive chemical contained in cigarettes.
    Nicotine is the active ingredient in tobacco. It is highly addictive and poisonous if taken in sufficient dosage.
  • Answer: Nicotine was first isolated from the tobacco plant in 1828 by German chemists Posselt & Reimann.
  • Answer: Yes they do, this is partly what makes them addictive.
  • Answer: Yes, it is very well know, and also found in ciggerates and at some extent in tea.
  • Answer: yes, they have up to 15 times as much nicotine as regular cigarettes would have.

What are the medical limits to nicotine?

  • r u that dum?

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