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How many miles by road stuttgart to Calais?

  • About 470 miles.

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  • Answer: It is impossible to drive from the United States to Germany!
  • Answer: The distance between Calais, France and Malaga, Spain is about 1,311 road miles.
  • Answer: 1,355 miles (2,180 kilometres) taking this route:
    1. Follow E402 ROUEN from Calais to A11/E50 PARIS near Le Mans.
    2. Take A11/E50 to the NEXT EXIT, which is E502 to TOURS.
    3. Take E502 to E5 BORDEAUX.
    4. Follow E5 to Jerez.

  • Answer: 575 road miles from Calais, France to Berlin, Germany.
  • Answer: 1,777 mi - about 33 hours driving time
    Calais, France to Athens, Greece
    1. Head southeast on Rue du Seigneur de Gourdan toward Rue Richelieu 410 ft
    2. Take the 1st right onto Rue Richelieu 0.2 mi
    3. Turn left at Place du Maréchal Foch 0.1 mi
    4. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Boulevard Jacquard
    Go through 1 roundabout 0.6 mi
    5. Turn right at Boulevard Léon Gambetta 0.7 mi
    6. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto D940
    Go through 1 roundabout 0.5 mi
    7. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto the A16 ramp to Lille/Reims/Saint-Omer/Paris/A26/Dunkerque 0.3 mi
    8. Merge onto A16 2.7 mi
    9. Take the exit onto A26/E15 toward Arras/Paris/Reims/Saint-Omer
    Continue to follow A26
    Partial toll road 163 mi
    10. Take the exit onto A4/E17/E50 toward A26/Reims-Centre/Metz-Nancy/Lyon/Châlons-en-Champagne/Strasbourg
    Continue to follow A4/E50
    Partial toll road
    Speed cameras begin in 5.3 mi 122 mi
    11. Take the exit onto A4
    Partial toll road
    Speed camera in 92.2 mi 94.9 mi
    12. Continue onto A35 (signs for Mulhouse/A35/Colmar/Offenburg) 9.8 mi
    13. Take exit 10 toward Duttlenheim/Duppigheim 0.3 mi
    14. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto D1422 heading to Innenheim/Obernai/Blaesheim/Strasbourg
    Go through 1 roundabout 1.5 mi
    15. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto A35 24.1 mi
    16. Continue onto N83
    Speed camera in 0.5 mi 7.1 mi
    17. Continue onto A35
    Speed camera in 11.2 mi
    Entering Switzerland 41.1 mi
    18. Continue onto A3
    Toll road 9.9 mi
    19. Take exit 9-Verzweigung Augst to merge onto A2/E25/E35 toward Luzern/Gotthard/Arisdorf/Bern
    Toll road 17.5 mi
    20. Take exit 45-Härkingen to merge onto A1/A2/E35 toward Zürich/Rothrist/Luzern/Gotthard
    Toll road 5.5 mi
    21. Take exit 47-Wiggertal toward Luzern/Gotthard/Reiden
    Toll road 0.5 mi
    22. Merge onto A2
    Toll road
    Entering Italy 147 mi
    23. Continue onto A9
    Partial toll road 19.3 mi
    24. Take the exit onto A8/E62 toward Milano
    Partial toll road 3.2 mi
    25. Take the exit onto A50/Tangenziale Ovest toward A1/A7/Bologna/E66/Genova/Torino/A4
    Partial toll road 19.0 mi
    26. Continue onto E35 (signs for Melegnano/Bologna/A1)
    Toll road 0.6 mi
    27. Take the exit onto A1
    Toll road 114 mi
    28. Take the exit onto A14 toward Bologna Borgo Panigale/Bologna/Ancona/Padova/Ravenna/Bari/A13
    Toll road 418 mi
    29. Take exit Bari Nord to merge onto A14/E55 toward Brindisi/Bari Centro
    Partial toll road 2.8 mi
    30. Take the exit toward Lecce/Taranto/A14/Bari Centro/Brindisi/E843 0.3 mi
    31. Merge onto SS16 38.5 mi
    32. Continue onto E55/SS379 (signs for E55/Lecce/SS379/Ostuni/Brindisi) 31.7 mi
    33. Continue onto SS16 2.8 mi
    34. Continue onto SS613 (signs for Lecce/SS613) 0.2 mi
    35. Take exit Brindisi Porta Lecce toward Brindisi 0.1 mi
    36. Merge onto Via Provinciale per Lecce 0.9 mi
    37. Turn right at Viale Arno 0.5 mi
    38. Continue onto Prolungamento Viale Arno 0.4 mi
    39. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit 0.4 mi
    40. Turn right toward Viale Albert Einstein 0.1 mi
    41. Take the 1st left onto Viale Albert Einstein 0.3 mi
    42. Take the 2nd left 0.3 mi
    43. Take the Brindisi - Paxi ferry to Παξοί
    Entering Greece 195 mi
    44. Take the Paxi - Parga ferry to Πάργα 13.5 mi
    45. Turn right at Riga Feraiou/Ρήγα Φεραίου 0.2 mi
    46. Continue onto Pargas/Πάργας 5.7 mi
    47. Turn right at E55/Igoumenitsas-Prevezas/Ηγουμενίτσας-Πρέβεζας
    Continue to follow Igoumenitsas-Prevezas/Ηγουμενίτσας-Πρέβεζας 31.5 mi
    48. Continue onto E55/Siranga Aktiou-Prevezas/Σήραγγα Ακτίου-Πρέβεζας
    Continue to follow E55
    Toll road 4.1 mi
    49. Turn left at Agriniou-Prevezas/E55/Αγρινίου-Πρέβεζας 6.0 mi
    50. Turn right at E55/Vonitsas-Prevezas/Βόνιτσας-Πρέβεζας 0.5 mi
    51. Turn left at Agriniou-Lefkadas/E55/Αγρινίου-Λευκάδας 0.3 mi
    52. Turn left at E55/Eleftheriou Venizelou/Ελευθερίου Βενιζέλου 0.4 mi
    53. Turn right at E55/N. Stratou/Ν. Στράτου
    Continue to follow E55 22.5 mi
    54. At Komvos Amfilochias/Κόμβος Αμφιλοχίας, take the 1st exit onto Route 5/E55/E951/N. Stratou/Ν. Στράτου
    Continue to follow Route 5/E55/E951 17.1 mi
    55. Turn right (signs for Αστακός/Astakos) 3.9 mi
    56. Turn left 2.9 mi
    57. Turn right 0.9 mi
    58. Turn right 6.0 mi
    59. Turn left toward Route 5/E55/E951/Patras-Agriniou/Πάτρας-Αγρινίου 5.9 mi
    60. Turn right at Route 5/E55/E951/Patras-Agriniou/Πάτρας-Αγρινίου (signs for Αντίρριο/Antirrrio)
    Continue to follow E55
    Partial toll road 32.9 mi
    61. Take the exit toward Athina/Αθηνα
    Toll road 0.5 mi
    62. Merge onto Route 8A/E65
    Partial toll road 74.4 mi
    63. Take the exit onto Route 8A/E94/Nea Ethniki Odos Athinon-Patron/Νέα Εθνική Οδός Αθηνών-Πατρών toward Athina/Αθηνα
    Partial toll road 36.5 mi
    64. Continue onto Route 8 (signs for PIREAS/Αθηνα/8/ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ/Athina) 13.0 mi
    65. Continue onto Leoforos Athinon/Λεωφόρος Αθηνών 1.0 mi
    66. Turn right at Spyrou Patsi/Σπύρου Πάτση 0.3 mi
    67. Turn left at Iera Odos/Ιερά Οδός 0.5 mi
    Athens, Greece
  • Answer: 190 kilometres (118 miles) taking E40 BRUXELLES (A16 in France).
  • Answer: how many miles is it by road from France calais to Italy
  • Answer: It is 822 miles from Calais to Barcelona by road. See the related link for a route.
  • Answer: The distance between the starting point and the destination is 296km, (184 mi), and will take approximately 2 hours 50 minutes of driving time.
  • Answer: 985 kilometres taking E15 via E17.
  • Answer: It is 31 Miles from Calais to Dunkirk
  • Answer: It is 66 Miles from Calais to Lens
  • Answer: The driving distance from Calais, France to Nynashamn, Swedenis1,090 miles/1755 km