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  • Answer: Its contagious. so, yes you can, but you risk infecting anyone else that swims in the water.
  • Answer: You could try, but will most likely drown.
  • Answer: Do not go swimming because the sty will sting and get worse from the chlorine in the water.
  • Answer: you can swim at the pool
  • Answer: Swim: Nadar
    I like to Swim: Me gusta Nadar
    Nadar (Spanish verb meaning to swim)
  • Answer: Yes they can swim very well
  • Answer: because you like to?
  • Answer: Yes, if swimming in salt water the callus might sting a little though.
  • Answer: Most of them can. and the ones that cant can use life jackets,
  • Answer: This was first said by the mother of ras cardo from many of herproverbial and prophetic sayings. Mama Scott, as she wasaffectionately called by all who knew her in Jamaica, especially intrench town, was the matriarch of many children. She was not onlythe mother of Ras cardo and his siblings but she was a surrogatemother for Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and other youths in trench town.Ras Cardo has since made the world aware of this and what it means.The recent 2016- Rio Olympics and the the incident with US swimmer-Ryan Lochte- has made this come to full light. Mama Scottadmonishes her children to tell the truth and to be ready to standup to the consequences. The truth will always come to the surface.It will not be hidden for long- it will float like oil on water.This is the literal translation. Ras Cardo often quotes more of hismother in his many writings on reggae, life, and rastafari.
  • Answer: At Walmart anywhere, in the Yoga Section. It works for swimming,training and water parks too.Try some of the online stores, or evenTarget.
  • Answer: your fart. and as
  • Answer: There are several beaches where you can swim in France, includingthe lake beaches at Lake Naussac, Lake Raviege, and Lake Salagou.Other beaches are located at Frigoulet, Lake Taurize, Montpeyroux,and Lake Ganguise.

What does a sperm swim up?

  • The vagina

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