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  • Answer: Number of Hospitals in Canada In Canada there are 44 hospital beds per 10,000 people, and over 2000 hospitals.ALSO THERE ARE EXACTLY 66 UNIVERSITIES IN CANADA.
  • Answer: 7569 - see
  • Answer: - patient monitering
    - diagnosis
    - medical imagery

    ICT in hospitals allows those who are in critical condition to be separated and grouped opposite of those with minor treatments. An ICU ward will most likely have more extensive and advanced technology and be monitored closely. People who stay in them have either a serious enough condition that they require to stay overnight or have an unknown ailment.
  • Answer: Best Eye Care in NCR is available in specialty Eye centers and Clinics, and not necessarily the large hospital chains. The most visible names are Shroff, Center for Sight and even Eye 7. Besides there are several highly qualified surgeons running their Clinics / Centers. My favorite in the East-Delhi / Ghaziabad area is Param Jyoti Eye Center - which is also on the panel of all Mediclaim TPAs, CGHS and ECHS.
  • Answer: they do nothing other than saving them and curing them
  • Answer: There are approximately 3,900 not for profit hospitals in theUnited States. A not for profit hospital is run like a non profitcorporation.
  • Answer: The Greeks made hospitals.
  • Answer: Hospitals have existed since ancient Greece. But the birth of modern hospitals where patients were treated in separate rooms based on their diseases/illness were created around 700 CE by a Muslim Umayyad caliph named Al-Walid ibn Abd al-Malik .
  • Answer: Halifax Hospital is the name of the hospital in Daytona Beach. There are other hospitals of varying sizes in the surrounding communities, all either a part of the Halifax System or the Bert Fish Memorial Hospital system.
  • Answer: They provide immediate, professional care for those who need it.
  • Answer: CAT scanners, all the IV and sterilizing equipment.
  • Answer: one and a half it got blown up
  • Answer: Apollo Hospital
    Global Hospital
    Hiranandani Hospital
  • Answer: medical assessment unit

How many hospitals are in Europe?

  • there are over 15 hospitals

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  • Answer: there are over 15 hospitals
  • Answer: Generally speaking, there should be around 15,000 hospitals inEurope. However, do bear in mind the fact that this includes theEuropean Union only (which rules out countries such as Serbia andRussia).
  • Answer: I am pretty sure, because if you want to work as a midwife, you have to ask a professional midwife, because he or she might know. I also think you have to go to college (of course) to become a midwife.
  • Answer: Urban hospitals are usually if not always teaching hospitals, whereas rural hospitals are not. In fact, the difference between urban and rural is determined by the accessibility to a higher education centre like a university.In addition, urban hospitals usually have higher government grants and funding for research related work.Rural hospitals will see a wider variety of patient cases on their floors due to their size, and thus the experience for the staff is much greater. On the other hand, an urban centre will have more specialized floors and perhaps, more updated technology.There is greater cohesion and camaraderie amongst staff members of a small rural hospital.
  • Answer: Water is a better conductor of heat than land. Since Western Europe has more surface area in contact to water in summer it gets less hotter and in winter it has more moderate climate than Eastern Europe because the sea helps in radiating the heat and cold. The Sea in the West is more moderate in temprature so it helps the western Europe
  • Answer: Hopefully, close to you. They are supposed to be near most towns and cities
  • Answer: Mainly oxygen - but rarely pure - so would be diluted with nitrogen
  • Answer: Check out the list of hospitals in NJ at the website of Meridian Health. They have several hospitals listed which specialize in different medical conditions. All the hospitals are very well known for advanced treatments and excellent facilities. You will also be able to locate a physician from their database, through their search tab.
  • Answer: they were very bad
  • Answer: 1,121 according to the list below. However it would depend on your definition (Clinic vs Hospital etc) and whether Private or Public.
  • Answer: ICT is used for many things in hospitals like:
    Databases for patient records
    Heart monitors
  • Answer: very cold and painful medicines
  • Answer: They treat people that have diseases or injuries.
  • Answer: for what the hospitals have made
  • Answer: Medical crisis and pandemic outbreaks are always on the verge of spreading . When the world was hit back in 2003 by SARS , 800 lives were lost . It is with no doubt we need hospitals and not just buildings with facilities but experienced doctors and nurses which can handle modern machines .
    Here are some reasons why we need hospitals :

    1. To cure / treat patients regardless of inpatients or outpatients

    2. To ensure that people are free / safe from pandemic attacks by distributing vaccines

    3. If people in a country were ill , the yield and economic growth of the country will suffer the consequences .

    4. Hospitals can conduct research to improve human health eg , finding a cure for cancer

    5. Hospitals are training grounds for professionals such as doctors , nurses , pharmacists -Practice makes perfect

    6. Medical Universities have their own hospitals , to allow their students to relate what they learn .

    7. A country can sustain on its own without depending on other countries for medical supplies in the form of doctors in various fields because they dont need skills from other countries - home born , trained professionals