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Do you believe that quackery is an effective way to heal diseases?

  • The only way "quackery" or phony health treatments ever work is when "self fulfilled prophecy" actually does the healing. This is a phenomenon known as "if you believe it hard enough you will bring about your own healing as you "prophesied" or predicted. So in a sense your own mind heals you not any fake treatment. So it is not an effective way to heal diseases.

    There have been some patients who have healed themselves by giving up their current lifestyle and going off to live on the beach, live in the mountains, travel the world or even taking up new activities such as running marathons, riding bikes or walking long distances. Their focus moves away from the symptoms or the disease and their actions will often improve their entire health picture. Unfortunately this does not work for everyone and not everyone has the funds to give up their way of life to go live alone in the mountains or two soak up the sun at a remote beach.

    Stay away from quackery treatments or rather "jokes".

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