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  • Answer: Yes Thrice, although not commonly used is considered to be a real word. Meaning three times. Once, twice, thrice is an example of how this word is used today.
  • Answer: no. it is clearly 2 separate words.
  • Answer: This question is pretty controversial.
    Although humongous is often considered slang by many people the word does appear in several dictionaries (such as the dictionary), meaning it can be considered a word.
    While I do not especially recommend using it in official texts remember that if for example you used it in an essay you can always prove to your teacher that it is a real word just by looking it up in a dictionary which you know includes it.

    So yes, humongous can be considered a real word.
  • Answer: The word is vulgar and best avoided in case of misinterpretation
  • Answer: like apirin
  • Answer: With what med?
  • Answer: Aspirin can be taken every four to six hours when needed for pain.Aspirin sensitive people may need to find an alternative to take.
  • Answer: Hello
    The Brand is Aspergum.. by heritage producrs from CT unfortunately it is not on the market at this time, it was an old product. I was looking for it everywhere for my daugthers sore throat.
    Sorry for you and me!
    The reason why this is no longer on the market is that the FDA found it was causing even more gum erosion than pain it was felt to be relieving! Sore gums may indicate gingivitis or peridontitis, which need to be examined by a dentist. Peridex mouthwash may be useful in treating this. Sore throats, assuming a strep culture has been done, are best treated with something like Chloraseptic (not Cepacol) spray or lozenge.
  • Answer: Read the directions on the back. Most bottles say what youre supposed/not supposed to take.
  • Answer: yes depending on the dosage amount
  • Answer: yes. your stomach acids will dissolve the pill, and then the chemicals that make up the aspirin will be absorbed and stop the pain
  • Answer: acetacylic acid has been in use since the Egyptians
  • Answer: Felix Hoffmann is known to have "rediscovered" aspirin. It wasCharles Gergardt a French Chemist who thought it would not bepractical for him to make the product. So he left his work aside.

What is the real word for aspirin?

  • acetylsalicylic acid... say that 3 times fast, 7 syllables.

    The IUPAC name for C9H8O4 is 2-acetyloxybenzoic acid. Alternate names are acetylsalicylate. acetylsalicylic acid, O-acetylsalicylic acid. Asprin is a Trade Name.

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