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What sickness in iron deficiency?

  • Anemia

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  • Answer: It means that you should be getting more iron in your diet.

    The human body conserves iron by recycling iron from old red blood cells to make hemoglobin for new red blood cells. However, a constant intake of new iron is required for optimum health.

    Low iron levels may be caused by inadequate intake, by poor absorption, by parasites within the body, or by medical conditions that cause undiagnosed internal bleeding (polyps, ulcers). Those who give blood, or women who have excessive menstrual bleeding, or women who are pregnant or lactating may develop iron deficiency. There are also some medical conditions that prevent proper absorption of iron. Untreated, deficiency can lead to anemia.

    Anemia is characterized by under-developed red blood cells that lack sufficient hemoglobin, reducing their oxygen-carrying capacity.
    Symptoms of iron deficiency may include :
    loss of stamina
    susceptibility to infections
    hair loss
    brittle nails
    decreased mental concentration, apathy, or depression.
    * Iron deficiency in children is associated with learning disabilities and lower IQs.

    An unusual neurological reaction to low iron is the behavioral abnormality called pica. Sufferers have subconscious cravings and will consume unsuitable materials such as dirt, clay, laundry starch, charcoal, paint chips, and other non-nutritive substances.
  • Answer: weakness, fatigue
  • Answer: Iron deficiency causes anemia, in which there are too few red blood cells in circulation, and possibly the ones that are in circulation are not functioning well.
  • Answer: well iron is imperative for our health so i would suggest that you try to take in iron enriched foods or in other words try to get iron in your body ,well back to the question iron deficiency is when a person is lacking the amount of iron
    the person should have in there body they have sorry, explaining it wrong i meant when there not absorbing iron. there you have it hope i could help you out.
  • Answer: Pale Skin and a feeling of being constantly tiredhppt://
  • Answer: Iron-deficiency anemia is characterized by fatigue , shortness of breath, pale skin, concentration problems, dizziness, a weakened immune system, and energy loss.
  • Answer: Decreased capacity for the blood to transport oxygen.
  • Answer: Iron deficiency develops in several stages. In the first stage, body iron requirement exceeds iron intake, causing progressive depletion of bone marrow iron stores. As iron reservoirs decrease, compensatory increases in absorption of dietary iron occur. During later stages, deficiency is severe enough to impair red blood cell biosynthesis, leading to anemia. Iron deficiency, if severe and prolonged, may cause dysfunction of iron-containing cellular enzymes, which may contribute to fatigue and loss of stamina via mechanisms independent of the anemia itself. Iron deficiency anemia must be differentiated from other types of microcytic anemia, such as anemia caused by deficient erythropoiesis or decreased red blood cell production due to other underlying causes. If tests exclude iron deficiency in a patient with microcytic anemia, then anemia of chronic disease, structural hemoglobin abnormalities (e.g., hemoglobinopathies), and congenital red blood cell membrane abnormalities are considered. Clinical laboratory studies of hemoglobin electrophoresis and HbA 2, as well as genetic testing (e.g., alpha-thalassemia), may help distinguish these entities.
  • Answer: -babies who are fed coe milk coz its low in iron
    -children & teenagers
    -women in pre menopausal have iron deficiency aneamia
    it affects these people, how? search google
  • Answer: Anaemia is caused by defeciency in Iron. Anaemia is caused if there is not enough haemoglobin production. This may be prevented by adding sufficient iron in the diet.
  • Answer: Iron deficiency anemia means that you have low red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen and give you energy among other things. You know you have it when you get your hemoglobin checked (they prick your finger). It depends on the person, normally I think you have to take iron to fix it but as soon as you stop it will lower again. Unless it was just from a poor diet those past few days..
  • Answer: Deficiency of iron will lead to anemia while lack of iodine leads to thyroid problems.