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Is someone who is obsessed with a celebrity insane?

  • Well, that depends on what you count as insane. In the sense that it is insane to be obsessed with any human, yes absolutely. But it is no more insane than being obsessed with any other human.

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  • Answer: Well, that depends on what you count as insane. In the sense that it is insane to be obsessed with any human, yes absolutely. But it is no more insane than being obsessed with any other human.
  • Answer: Religious opinions are not really a matter of sanity or insanity. Most religious belief is the result of childhood indoctrination, and it is perfectly understandable that children learn from their parents and teachers, without necessarily trying to figure out if they are learning the truth or just fairy tales. Beyond that, the universe is very complicated, and it is again understandable that not everybody arrives at the same conclusions about how the universe works. I will say, however, that the religious concept of resurrection is not scientifically plausible. Of course, some people believe that religion is more important than science, and they have the right to believe that.
  • Answer: because everyone has to have insanity
  • Answer: He had extreme paranoia and he supported hitler because he feared he would threaten his power.
  • Answer: isane deuces are a gang of the folks nation.they fight with the people nation and many gangs in the folks nation.because they are still considered part of the folk nation but the follow the spade.
  • Answer: It depends on what you mean by "insane". If you mean unusual, there are thousands of strange laws currently on the books in all 50 states. .
  • Answer: "A pe*is has a hard life, its hairs a mess, its neighbors an a** hole, and its family nuts!"
  • Answer: depends on who they are. like if they dont have anything to do with you, i would just leave him/her alone. but if they do have something to do with you, just try to set them strait. but that would be hard if they were mental. i know this is a waste of your valuble time. im insane myself.
  • Answer: Many, many. The legal definition of insanity is much stricter than the medical definition. There may be as many as 50% of the jail population receiving psychiatric medications at any given time.
  • Answer: Actually it depends on what that person watches and their IQ. Ifthey watch crazy fiction stuff, for example Fairytale, depending onhow low their IQ is and how gullible they are, they might thinkthey are secretly wizards.
  • Answer: Malnutrition at an early age has been found to be correlated with decreased brain size and intelligence quotient, especially iodine deficiency during pregnancy or early childhood.
    There are many nutritional deficiencies which negatively impact brain development, as any long-term disruption to supply of or absence of vitamins and minerals can lead to serious heart, blood, neurological, and growth disorders, all of which factor into the development of a healthy brain and psyche.
    An extended lack of Thiamin, or vitamin B1, in the diet can lead to mood disturbances.
    Lack of Niacin, or vitamin B3, in addition to severe skin lesions can produce aggression, mental confusion and insomnia: symptoms not dissimilar to the early stages of rabies.
    Animal and human studies have been conducted on the relationship between short-term food deprivation and the tendency towards aggression. It seems that humans and animals both exhibit a proclivity to be more aggressive when experiencing hunger, but the underlying mechanism is not completely understood.
  • Answer: Because Abbe Faria says that there is a big treasure hidden, which no one believes.
  • Answer: No, they would be reported as a runaway. They would need permission from the doctor or whoever had the power to put them there against their will. A legal guardian or the court. If they are there willingly there would be no need to bail them out they can just leave.