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  • Answer: 2,225 miles taking this route:
    1. Take I-75 NORTH from Macon to I-20 WEST to BIRMINGHAM via I-285 WEST BYPASS to bypass ATLANTA (EXIT 238B off I-75 to get onto I-285 WEST BYPASS ; EXIT 10B off I-285 to get onto I-20 WEST to BIRMINGHAM).
    2. Take I-20 WEST to U.S. 78 to JASPER at EXIT 123 in BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA.
    3. Take U.S. 78 WEST (becomes FUTURE I-22 CORRIDOR) to MEMPHIS, where it continues as LAMAR AVE; continue on U.S. 78 WEST - LAMAR AVE in Memphis to I-240, and then stay left on the exit ramp to get onto I-240 WEST to ST. LOUIS.
    4. Take I-240 WEST & NORTH to I-40 WEST to LITTLE ROCK near DOWNTOWN.
    5. Take I-40 WEST all the way across to SR-58 WEST to BAKERSFIELD via I-15 SOUTH in BARSTOW, CALIFORNIA (where I-40 ENDS) (EXIT 179 off I-15 to get onto SR-58 WEST to BAKERSFIELD).
    6. Take SR-58 WEST to U.S. 395; TURN RIGHT onto U.S. 395 NORTH to RIDGECREST.

  • Answer: It is 187 miles according to Google Maps.
  • Answer: 205 miles taking this route:
    1. Take I-16 EAST from Macon to I-95 NORTH to FLORENCE, SC at EXIT 157B.
    2. Take I-95 NORTH to U.S. 278 to BEAUFORT and HILTON HEAD ISLAND at EXIT 8 in SOUTH CAROLINA; TURN RIGHT off the exit ramp onto U.S. 278 EAST.
    3. Take U.S. 278 EAST to SC-170 to BEAUFORT; EXIT, then TURN LEFT off the exit ramp onto SC-170 NORTH to BEAUFORT.
    4. Take SC-170 NORTH to BEAUFORT.

  • Answer: Using Google Maps one is able to calculate the distance as well as the driving travel time.
    The distance between Atlanta, Georgia and Macon, Georgia is 85.9 miles. The travel time is 1 hour and 31 minutes.
  • Answer: It is around 230 miles.
    The route:
    1. Take I-20 EAST to I-285 SOUTH BYPASS to MONTGOMERY and MACON at EXIT 51A outside of Atlanta in GEORGIA.
    2. Take I-285 around Atlanta to I-75 to ATLANTA MACON and TAMPA at EXIT 58. You want I-75 SOUTH to MACON and TAMPA.
    3. Take I-75 SOUTH to MACON.

  • Answer: The driving distance is about 225 road miles.
  • Answer: 402 miles taking this route:# Take I-75 SOUTH from Macon to I-275 SOUTH to TAMPA and ST. PETERSBURG at EXIT 274 in FLORIDA.# Take I-275 SOUTH to SR-60 WEST to CLEARWATER at EXIT 39 in Tampa.# Take SR-60 WEST to Clearwater.
  • Answer: It is 382.41 miles according to MapQuest.
  • Answer: The driving distance from Roswell, Georgia to Macon, Georgiais105 miles.
  • Answer: 510 miles taking this route:
    1. Take I-75 NORTH (towards ATLANTA), from Macon, to I-24 WEST to CHATTANOOGA and NASHVILLE at EXIT 2 in TENNESSEE, via I-285 WEST ATLANTA BYPASS to bypass Atlanta, GA (EXIT 238B off I-75 in GEORGIA to get onto I-285 WEST BYPASS towards CHATTANOOGA ; EXIT 20 off I-285 to continue on I-75 NORTH to CHATTANOOGA).
    2. Take I-24 WEST to I-65 NORTH to LOUISVILLE at EXIT 46A, in Nashville.
    3. Take I-65 NORTH to Louisville.

  • Answer: It is 276 miles according to Google Maps.

    Driving distance from Macon, GA to Florence, SC 276 Miles / 445 Km.
  • Answer: 600 miles. Directions below

    1. Get onto I-75 South and stay on for close to 500 miles
    2.Get off on exit 101 for Naples and Marco Island
    3.Go 84 south to Naples
    4. Follow 84 south for about 7 miles
    5. Turn left at U.S. 41 and follow for 90 miles
    6.Turn onto 826 north towards the airport and stay on for a mile and a half
    7.Get onto 836 to airport
    8.Exits for Miami are for the next 7 miles
  • Answer: 61 miles taking this route:
    1. Take U.S. 221 SOUTH from Boone TO U.S. 19E via NC-194. Turn right onto NC-194, follow signs to U.S. 19E, then, once you are at U.S. 19E, turn left onto U.S. 19E SOUTH.
    2. Take U.S. 19E SOUTH to Burnsville.

How many miles between Burnsville NC and Macon Ga?

  • 289 miles taking this route:
    1. Take U.S. 19E SOUTH to U.S. 19. Continue on U.S. 19 SOUTH to I-26. At JCT I-26, follow signs to I-26 EAST to ASHEVILLE.
    2. Take I-26 EAST to U.S. 25 SOUTH to GREENVILLE at EXIT 54.
    3. Take U.S. 25 SOUTH to I-85 SOUTH to ATLANTA via I-185 SOUTH, in Greenville, SOUTH CAROLINA.
    4. Take I-85 SOUTH to U.S. 441 to COMMERCE HOMER and BANKS COUNTY at EXIT 149 in GEORGIA; turn left off the exit ramp to get onto U.S. 441 SOUTH to COMMERCE.
    5. Take U.S. 441 SOUTH to U.S. 129 SOUTH in Athens.
    6. Continue on U.S. 129 SOUTH to Macon.

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