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  • Answer: Could be any of a number of things , blood pressure too high or low, plaque build-up in carotid arteries, adverse effects of drugs , mild epilepsy . Whatever iti s, please have a doctor evaluate this. It could be serious.
  • Answer: There can be a lot of reasons ranging from a stroke to a problem in the inner ear to low blood pressure to many other neurological and cardiovascular problems. The best course is to see your doctor.
  • Answer: Well, it may fell like your drunk, about to die, and you will fell like you about to throw up and your stomach will get mixed up and you maybe will start farting. You also have the chances of having a large collapse in your internal organs.I hoped this helped you
  • Answer: You could be suffering from low blood sugar.
  • Answer: there are two probable causes of dizziness. 1. lack of sleep (anxiety), this can be calmed by giving an anxiolytic. 2. blood shortage (anaemia), mild ones of this can be solved by eating balanced diet and using blood supplement; severe ones is solved by blood transfusion or bonemarrow transplant..
    based on your question.. when u keeep feeling dizzy, u should see a physician.
  • Answer: It is because the water is too hot. Solution: turn the water freezing cold for 3 seconds, then turn it back up to warm, not hot!
  • Answer: It means you have been working really hard and past your limits.
  • Answer: Dizziness, vertigo, loss of balance, or weakness can have several causes, and you should consult a medical professional to investigate the causes.

    These can include (but are not limited to):
    - dehydration
    - metabolic disorders
    - nerve impairment
    - inner ear disorders
    - blood circulation problems
    - nutritional deficiencies
    - stress
  • Answer: There could be lots of reasons for this. Inner ear problems, medication or more seriously heart problems. Low blood pressure can do this. You need to make an appointment with your doctor!
  • Answer: Yea thats why they sould be rested for atleast 4 hrs every day
  • Answer: Possibly. Or it could be blood pressure issues.
  • Answer: The fluid in your brain starts spinning.You get dizzy when you get up too fast because when you are sitting down, all the the blood is in you arms and legs, but when you stand up really quick, all of the blood rushes to your head, therefore you either get a headache or get dizzy. Its basically the reaction to the speed of your blood movement.
  • Answer: When you hit your head the molicuals in your brain move around causing the blood to move around creating some brain functions telling you to feel woosy or a stomach ache to protect the cells....
  • Answer: Too many trips on a roller coaster?

Why do people get dizzy?

  • people get dizzie because their inner ear gets shakin up

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  • Answer: people get dizzie because their inner ear gets shakin up
  • Answer: A bunch of things. Depression, anxiety, too much alcohol, drugs, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, not enough vitamins in your diet, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, and headaches. I can go on, on, and on again, these are just a few things that cause this. Problems can start from nerves, eyes, ears, diseases, rapid motion, and most of all bad habits

    dizziness generally comes from one of two fundamental sources: oxygen or nutrient deprivation to the brain or the brain being unable to process conflicting sensory input (if you spin around really fast and stop, the liquid in your inner ear continues to move, but you are not and so the brain gets confused)
  • Answer: Peopl may experience two things when they say that they are dizzy. One is having a feeling of lightheadedness where you feel that your head is spinning and you feel that you are about to pass out or faint. The other one is the feeling that your surroundings are spinning, usually called Vertigo. You may feel that you are whirling or spinning where in fact the surroundings are all fine. These are the two things that a person who is dizzy may feel or go through.
    There are many reasons for dizziness, it may be a medical condition or just simply a rush of blood circulation inside the body.
  • Answer: They get dizzy because the air is not fresh.
  • Answer: I would suggest that eat more foods that contain good sugars (Apples). Also you may want to consume more calories per day. You may be feeling the effects of low blood sugar or dehydration.
  • Answer: get very dizzy after sex before comeing eny idea why please help me
  • Answer: in further means, you may be pregnant. or, suffering from a headache or stomach ache. it may also be related to your ear infection or eye infection. please go to the doctor immediately if you also notice yourself vomiting or getting unconscious.
  • Answer: dizziness can be caused by several different health problems. The most common is called Vertigo. Vertigo causes you to feel nauseous because of the dizziness. The only treatment for it, is to get your doctor to prescribe Meclizine for nausea and stay home and do not lean forward or move your head real fast. It will stop on its own.
    another cause of dizziness is from consuming too much alcohol.
  • Answer: When you turn, fluid inside of your inner ear moves and stimulates nerve cells. This is how you know when your head is changing direction. Usually, feeling dizzy means that the fluid in your semicircular canals is still spinning after you have stopped, signaling the brain that you are still spinning. This makes you feel like you are spinning, even though you are not.

  • Answer: Sit down and put their head between their knees. Dizziness is associated with a lack of blood to the brain.
  • Answer: You get dizzy by spinning around too much.
  • Answer: I was told its fluid in my ears from allergies and to take a like muciex
  • Answer: You meant sitting down, standing up. It seems to be symptoms of bad brain microcirculation. If you are adult, try Gingko biloba, and when sitting in a chair move your head right and leftwards several times. Also take a teaspoon of mashed garlic in half glass of hot water, leave it for 20 minutes, strain the mixture and drink it little by little during the day. Gingko biloba, if it is the first time, 40 mg at morning and at night, one month later increase to 80 mg at morning and at night. Lower ingestion of saturated fat, sugar, eat more fruits and vegs, and at least 6 glasses of water a day.