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  • Answer: It really depends on SO many factors, many of them cultural.
    In the USA people pick their own spouses, often without much regard for what the family thinks. The reasoning is; "They ( the soon to be in-laws) have a choice...either they can gain a son/daughter or loose both." and the kids will write off their parents eventually if they do not come around.

    But in other cultures it can be a constant drag on the relationship because the in-laws are more integral in the family and neither family ever accepts the new spouse and is always sniping at any little perceived mis-step...and the other set of parents.

    There are also expectations that are often made nearly indelible since birth depending, again on the culture and, closer to home; the family the person was raised in.

    Does the culture expect the wife to be meek, silent, keep house, and have sex anytime the man wants it, while the man is expected to bluster around avenging every perceived slight, work like a dog, beat the kids ...and maybe keep them in line?

    What type of childhood did the intended spouse have? Happy with loving parents? Broken home? Alcoholic parent? Do not always look to see if there is/was money...that means very little to nothing in terms of your happiness.

    Look to see how the family acts when it is together.

    Look to see how your targeted spouse acts with their friends.

    Investigate laws regarding marriage and divorce in the country they grew up in...even though the laws may never apply because you are not going to get married in their country, they are still part of the social fabric that they grew up in and will have some bearing on their expectations.

    Most importantly, look to see if your intended spouse accepts you for who you are...worts and all... and wants you to be whatever you want to be.
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    Bad boy you need to ask a proper question.
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  • well of course they died of old age

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