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  • Answer: Of more than 200 doctors in Hiroshima before the attack, over 90 percent were casualties and only about 30 physicians were able to perform their normal duties a month after the raid. Out of 1,780 nurses, 1,654 were killed or injured. Through some stocks of supplies had been dispersed, many were destroyed .Only three out of 45 civilian hospitals could be used, and two large Army hospitals were rendered unusable. Exact casualty figures for medical personnel are unknown, but the city seems to have fared better than Hiroshima: 120 doctors were at work on 1 November.
  • Answer: Sports injuries are injuries that occur in an athletic setting whether it be a game, workout, or practice for a sporting event. In many cases these are injuries from overuse of a muscle or joint which is what makes it unique to other injuries that are usually just strain or caused by impact.
  • Answer: many common injuries are sprains, strains, minor concussive blows, fractures,eye and ear infections...
  • Answer: 1. Big Cuts
    2. Sprains
    3. Broken Bones/Malfunctioning body parts
  • Answer: broken legs, arms,or anything else brakeable
  • Answer: studded shin
  • Answer: a few are, car crash, smokeing, .... ect [ i know not a good anwser]
  • Answer: Wrestling Pro Answer I know this from experience. The most common injuries are sprains and strains. Things like the arm chop can cause sprained elbows and throws and pulls cause strained and pulled muscles. Though most happen when you wrestle with a neophyte or you are simply playing around and not paying attention. In rare ocations dislocations and fractures occur.

    Though in case you want to know the most common infections in wrestling are herpes simplex and ringworm.

    These happen because either you or your contender dont have proper hygene and infect each other while in contact. Be clean and safe, be sure you know what you are doing.
  • Answer: The most common injury done to a bone is either spraining or braking a bone. I once fractured my ankle. All of these injuries are very painful but the worst of all is breaking it because your bone snaps into more than one piece. Spraining a bone is less painful than breaking or fracturing a bone because it is not in more than one piece. It depends on what you did to the bone like if you slide on concrete then that is probably a fracture or a break in the bone. Be careful with whatever you do your body is not made of metal or titanium!
  • Answer: A tear in the ACL
  • Answer: particularly the longer bones of the arms and legs is a fracture, or a break in the bone. (A fractured bone and a broken bone are the same thing; one is notworse than the other.) Other common places for fractures are thebones of the wrist, ankle, and kneecap.
  • Answer: Some common firefighting injuries would be knee/ankle problems, back problems, and shoulder problems.

A common method of treating minor sports injuries is the?

  • A common method of treating minor sports injuries is the what principle?

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