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List two advantages in breast feeding?

  • strengthens emotional bond between mother and baby
    transfers all the mothers antibodies

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  • Answer: strengthens emotional bond between mother and baby
    transfers all the mothers antibodies
  • Answer: the advantages of breast feeding are that if you brest feed your baby it is most likely your baby will be stronger than if you use normal milk.
  • Answer: Yes, there are some sexually transmitted infections/diseases that can be transmitted through breast milk and breast feeding. Examples are HIV, Hepatitis A and B, Herpes simplex and chicken pox.
  • Answer: 7 years:
    The anthropologically normal age to stop breastfeeding is round about age 7. Hence the phrase "milk teeth" and the fact that children start to loose their milk teeth at about that age.The average age of weaning from the breast worldwide is about 4 years; when you consider how many babies in western countries are weaned very, very early, that means an awful lot of children are breastfed for much longer than 4 years.The WHO advises breastfeeding for at least 2 years and for as long after that as necessary for the health and happiness of both mother and baby.
  • Answer: Head massage and paracetamol
  • Answer: many condition make this peoblem for example: chest infection, severe gastrenteritis
  • Answer: With the benefits of both cash value and term life insurance come a few disadvantages. The most significant disadvantage of cash value life insurance is the often inconsistency in premiums. Most cash value policies contain required premiums that can increase over time. This can make the policy quite expensive for someone on a budget who wishes to purchase enough coverage to benefit his family in the event of his death.

    Although many policies contain riders in which dividends from cash accounts can be used to pay premiums, such an instance almost always results in taking funds away from the cash value or investment account. There is also never a guarantee that sufficient funds will be available to cover missed premiums in the event a policyholder falls short.

    There are also several disadvantages of term insurance, the first being that it is not permanent. Although a policyholder may enjoy extremely cheap premiums when she is young, term products expire after a certain number of years, or when the insured reaches a certain age. When a policy expires, a new one must be purchased. This means that a person must qualify for a new program based on her current age and health in order for coverage to continue. This almost always results in much higher premiums or uninsurability. Some term insurance does, however, contain "re-up" or "renewal" options that may not require proof of that the customer is insurable to continue coverage.
  • Answer: The main advantages of setting up as a sole trader are:
    • Total control of the business by the owner.
    • Cheap and easy to start up - few forms to fill in and to start trading the sole trader does not need to employ any specialist services, other than setting up a bank account and informing the tax offices.
    • Keep all the profit - as the owner, all the profit belongs to the sole trader.
    • Business affairs are private - competitors cannot see what you are earning, so will know less about how the business works and how it succeeds.

  • Answer: advantages :1.provide a permenant record , is suitable formal communication, disadvantages :1.time consuming2.requires proper format.
  • Answer: less down 5 example of advantages and disadvantage of usingplastics
  • Answer: If you are talking about the self check out lanes at grocery stores and walmart then:

    The lines are shorter,
    Old people do not use them,
    The machine is better at counting change,
    You can verify the price of each item.

    If not then, sorry.