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  • Answer: Greater motion will be felt the higher the deck and the nearer the bow or stern (front and back. The least sway is found on a low deck mid-ship.

    Interestingly, cabins on higher decks tend to be more expensive and an "upgrade" is usually the same size cabin on a higher deck. Additionally, the most expensive suites tend to be at the bow and stern.

    So , ironically, "the more you pay, the more you sway!"
  • Answer: Not that easily. You might have to get a court order to do so.
  • Answer: it is not against the law to photocopy it as long as you show it to the police and tell them it was you u did it deliberately hope this helps.
    write to me when you get out of prison
  • Answer: Contact your local Vital Statistics Office who can help you out.
  • Answer: Not unless you can show ABSOLUTE proof that the records were initially entered incorrectly.

    Addded: (in the US) you may NOT ever change your ORIGINAL birth certificate, the only thing you can do is amend it, via court order, using the same criteria as mentioned in the original answer.
  • Answer: If you were born in the United States, contact the state vitalrecords department to obtain a copy. If you were born elsewhere,contact the similar government agency in that place.
  • Answer: You have to contact the Vital Statistics Office of your State they can help you out.
  • Answer: Depending on what "error" you are referring to it will probably require court action and you must be armed with proof that supports your version of what information needs to be changed.
  • Answer: If you have a social security number you could go to your local social security department and possibly find out what state your s.s.# was issued in. You then could notify the capital of this state and they would be able to assist you in obtaining your record of birth. Some states charge a minimal fee for getting a copy of your birth certificate. If you have no social security card, I would contact your state capitol for a copy of your birth certificate first then go to your social security office with the copy of your birth certificate to obtain a social security card. I hope this helps you.
  • Answer: A "legal copy" of your birth certificate is the copy that is filed with the "Bureau of VItal Statistics" or the Health Department of the jurisdiction in which you were born. Your parent(s) should have received a copy when you were born - but if you need a copy for yourself you must go to this location, in person, with adequate identification and rquest a copy. There will usually be a small administrative charge for this service.
    While you can make a photocopy of a legal birth certificate it unlikely to be accepted as "legal" because it will not have the raised/impressed seal that is affixed to genuine originals.
  • Answer: No, a birth certificate is NOT a proof of your identity: it is basically a proof of where and when you were born. Normally, a birth certificate can be used as a second form of ID, as long as the other form of ID is a picture ID, such as a drivers license, state issued identification card, and/or passport.
  • Answer: your name defines a code that will reveal your birth certificate number
  • Answer: The hospital of their birth.

Does your id have to match your birth certificate when embarking or disembarking a cruise ship?

  • no it does not hope it helped = )

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