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  • Answer: in the cytopsol and mitochondrion
  • Answer: really do not know what in a repo takes place means. How does it work the lien holder send out a order the company has field reps that look for the cars. When a car is found the agent will 1 have a key get in the car and drive off 2 the agent will back the tow truck up to the car and load it on the back. After that the car gets taken back to a holding yard that most likely has gates and locked , the agent will take all personal propery out of car and take a log of what is there and then bag everything that is not bolted down if it is attached to the car you can not get it back. then the car will sit and wait for somone to show up with money or until the amount of days the law calls for has pasted at that point the car will go to a auction and get that they can for it. Any money that is still left owed after all this the bank will most likely come after you for the bal due.
  • Answer: it is when you have to say something to others :)
  • Answer: The capital of the United States is Washington D.C. The capital isthe place where laws are voted on and adopted and where federalpoliticians work, including the president.
  • Answer: At an Arraignment a criminal complaint is formally read aloud in the presence of a defendant. The purpose of the arraignment is to inform the defendant of the charges that have been laid against them. In the setting of the federal court within the United States, arraignments are in two parts. The initial arraignment serves as an opportunity to inform the defendant of their right to retain counsel, and gives the presiding judge the opportunity to choose to set bail.

    In the context of the federal courts, at the Post-Indictment Arraignment (following the Initial Arraignment), the defendant will be allowed to enter a plea in response to the charges that have been laid against them. These are the responses of "guilty," "not guilty," or peremptory pleas, which are pleas that describe why a trial cannot go forward. These pleas include being tried for the same offense twice, being acquitted of the same offense, and being pardoned for the offense.
  • Answer: You need to put the name of the story in the question.
  • Answer: Spermatogenesis occurs in the seminiferous tubules of the testis.
  • Answer: Mitochondria
  • Answer: kasi mag search kayo wag tamad pls........reinalyn zamora...
  • Answer: ANR is where a grown adult man suckles a lactating woman for the purposes of sexual satisfaction through infantile regression. He may want related regressive role play experiences such as wanting to be babied, given baby food or milk, be rocked, given a baby pacifier, he may want to sleep in a baby bed, be bathed, diapered and spoon fed or breast fed. As part of acting out the fantasy he may want his face wiped clean and he may cry or drool, may imitate a behavior common to babies to create a mommy baby role play. Props such as bibis and binkies, jars of gerber food, and large size furniture modeled after baby furniture may be used- high chairs booster seats so forth. Female prostitutes with big breasts often get bizarre requests such as ANR involving regression The letters ANR refers to Adult Nursing Relationship. Nursing is an English language euphamism for maternal breast feeding, it doesnt mean Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse. This experience falls into a category of fantasy, fetish, role play, or kinky lifestyle. It may be classified in some cases as a paraphilia where the person is sexually interested in only the breast or the breast milk and the act of feeding more so than the whole person. An analogy would be foot fetish.
  • Answer: Fertilization normally occurs in the fallopian tube
  • Answer: if you mean what is the source of radiation in space the he answer is it comes from stars in most of their lifespan

Where does cellular repiration takes place?

  • mitochondria

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