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Is Egypt a good country?

  • Yes

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  • Answer: Egypt is a poor country
  • Answer: Greece had take over Egypt in A.D.
  • Answer: Egypt has been an independent republic since 1953, However, it hasbeen a thriving empire and kingdom since 3100 B.C.
  • Answer: Although the greedy, hoarding dictator Husni Mubarak is GONE {finally!!}, Egypt is not a democracy. That is because Muhammad Hussein Tantawi, the commander-in-chief of the Egyptian military, is temporarily the president of Egypt. That is because when Husni Mubarak left office, he gave power to M.H.T, and since the citizens of Egypt didn`t elect him, Egypt is not yet a democracy. Showing Mubarak {who, thank God, is now paying for his never-ending crimes in jail and hopefully,will die in jail soon} was just the first step in making Egypt the democracy it should be. The next and final step is to get a new president, one that the people elected. M. Tantawi won`t be serving a normal term as president. In fact, he will be president only until the presidential elections this September. The moment one of the candidates takes office, M.H.T will no longer be president, and Egypt will finally be a democracy. But there`s 1 problem: there are 5 official candidates and, to be honest, I dislike the majority of them. 2 candidates are former members of the Muslim Brotherhood, 1 of many illegal terrorist organizations comprised of people that call themselves Muslims that think they know what`s best for Islam, which automatically dislike those 2 candidates. Then there`s Amr Moussa. So those 3 make up the majority I do not like. The other 2 candidates are Muhammad al Baradei and Muhammad Salim al Awa, the only 2 people I would vote for!
  • Answer: yes (:..................NO it is in Africa
  • Answer: Egypt is currently controlled by a Military Junta. A week ago, Mohammed Morsi was elected to assume the Presidency of Egypt. Whether the Army will permit him to fulfill his electoral mandate is questionable. If they do, then Egypt may well become a democracy. If not, it will remain a Military Junta government.
  • Answer: cause there was plentyfull gold and good farming land down the river nile.but i still think there was no real point in attacking Egypt.he already had enough farmland and Persia (which was one of the countrys he conquerd) had HEAPS of gold.
  • Answer: Mediterranean and Red.
  • Answer: By Comparison Egypt is a poor Country. The GDP(The gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is the national output, divided by the population, expressed in U.S dollars per person, for the latest year for which data is published.) of Egypt is $2161 compared to Israel at $28,365 or Qatar at $93,204
  • Answer: I do not know but go to and put very good then select what language you want to know how to say it in your case arabic.I think that that is the main language for the middle east.