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  • Answer: hyper-jointed is also known as double-jointed which means you can stretch your joints farther then normal.
  • Answer: the answer for this question is calm.

    The opposite of "hyper", from the Greek meaning "above" or "over", is "hypo", from the Greek meaning "below" or "under" - as in, for example, a hypodermic injection, a needle inserted under the skin.
  • Answer: Energy thats why when you drink alot of soda you have alot of energy
  • Answer: Be careful with caffeine and sugars. The best thing to do is take the person with the hyper activity to a doctor who will determine what is the best way to go about things. Sometimes stimulants actually help this, but sometimes stimulants make it worse. So the best suggestion I have is the doctor.
  • Answer: Its the panic stage of Anxiety commonly known as the Flight or Fight response. It is at this time very high levels of cortisol is released into the bloodstream.
  • Answer: Approximately one out of 10,000 people in the United States develop retinal detachments each year. People who are at highest risk are those with extreme nearsightedness (hypermyopia), a family history of retinal detachment, or thinning of the retina (lattice degeneration) or other degenerative retinal conditions. Such people should have regular retinal examinations and should be alert for symptoms.
  • Answer: Hypo-bulimia is when you are bulimic and have low blood volume.Hyper-bulimic means you have high blood volume. Both can beharmful.
  • Answer: no you cant because hyper means that youn are excited and hbored means theres nothing to do
  • Answer: Hyperpyrexia refers to a state where the individual suffers from adangerously high fever, often above 40 degrees Celsius. This putsthe patient in life-threatening condition.
  • Answer: Sugar or caffeine.
  • Answer: Rocky Mountain Institute.
  • Answer: sugar affects your brain
  • Answer: if it bends to far back. when it happens you will feel a sharp pain and then when you put weight on it, it will hurt more
  • Answer: Hyperactive

What are the reasons for hyper activity in children?

  • Natural stage of behavior
    High fructose corn syrup
    Food coloring (no joke, look it up)
    Various mood disorders

    This list could go on and on

    Hope this helps!
    Erika RN

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