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  • Answer: An S-shaped curve is called a sigmoid curve. This term is usedthroughout the mathematical world and in healthcare settings.
  • Answer: it meridians curve because its a dodo but but but but but i hate Joshua fhibvreev
  • Answer: You need to get to a sufficiently high altitude or distance from the Earth to being to see the curvature. A minimum heihgt of around 60 to 70,000 ft is required to be able the see the curvature of the horizon.
  • Answer: The j curve is when the population pyramid has a lot of children and few elders. So the pyramid would look like a j for example Kenya would be a good example. because it has a great amount of children and as the number gets higher the number of people gets lower.
  • Answer: EM also dnt knw.sori ;-D
  • Answer: I would say neither... From my point of veiw the Blackberry Storm is much better.
  • Answer: You have lordosis.
  • Answer: It starts off high (because of fixed costs divided by a very small quantity), drops until it reaches a minimum, and then starts to rise again as diseconomies of scale kick in because of higher marginal costs. This creates a "U" shape.
  • Answer: Bell curves are used because they represent an exactly normal distribution. A normal distribution means that all of the values are centered around a single mean value, with the probability density decreasing equally on either side of the mean. This is the distribution that is most widely used in statistics because it is often found naturally (truly random data follows a normal distribution), and also because it follows from the central limit theorem.
  • Answer: The usefulness of bathtub curve include the decrease failure rateas the first part, also known as early failures. The second part isa constant failure rate, known as random failures. The third partis an increasing failure rate, also known as the wear-out failures.
  • Answer: Depends a bit on conditions and whether you are driving a front or rear-wheel drive vehicle. Generally speaking, you should steer into the skid, and lift off throttle (in rear-wheel drive). In front-wheel drive, do not lift off throttle completely, but keep power on to pull you out of the skid. Obviously, as the car comes out of the skid, straighten the steering.

    On ice, it is possible at low speed to control the skid by balancing the understeer generated by the front wheels by creating oversteer pulling on the handbrake. This can ONLY be done on front-wheel drive cars, AND AT LOW SPEED!.
  • Answer: ANSWER: Its called an airfoil. Its what gives the plane lift during flight.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------An airfoil is the totality of the wing. There are various designs of airfoils. One such design was of a wedge shape, which is contrary to the accepted design of the curved upper surface. The basic airfoil includes the upper curved surface of the wing, the bottom flat or less curved surface of the wing, the cord thickness and total wing span. I had given a more thorough lay explanation of how lift is produced, but for some reason that explanation was removed. Go figure? My past background is as a flight instructor/mechanic/cropduster pilot.

What is strength curve?

  • Relates to any exercise, Analyzes the components of strength production, Has seven factors

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