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  • Answer: Always check your blood glucose level before administering insulin. Your brain must have glucose to function. If you take insulin when your blood glucose level is already low (below 70 mg/dl) you could lose consciousness and die.
    A good rule to remember is high and dry. If your level is low you are more likely to be somewhat sweaty and many people feel funny, confused or have vision problems. Normally, insulin is given just before a meal and you already know what the blood glucose level is. Carbohydrates supply your body with glucose. After a meal the body has a large amount of glucose available for use as fuel and insulin makes the glucose available to cells or to the liver for conversion of glucose to glycogen. Consider glycogen to be the glucose reserves for between meals. There are several types of insulin available, each with its own characteristics. The most rapid acting insulins: Lispro and Aspart can start taking effect in as little as 10-15 minutes with peak action occurring in around 60-90 minutes with a duration of effect lasting around 3-4 hrs. You would take these 10-15 minutes before a meal and as your food digested the peak action would offset all of that available glucose and help keep the levels in a normal range (somewhere around 100, higher in the elderly). This is called a bolus dose. Normally an intermediate acting insulin is given along with the shorter acting insulin to provide insulin in the body until the evening meal. This is called a basal dose. There are insulins available that have a more constant action and have a duration that lasts 24+ hrs. With these there are no peaks and you only need one shot of this per day. These are the long lasting insulins glargine and detemir. They take effect in 1-2 hours, but they are much more expensive.
  • Answer: Yes, however a doctor would not recommend it due to the fact that diabetics are more prone to getting infections with such things. Bottom-line, yes.
  • Answer: For type 1 some are really thirsty all the time,going to the bathroom all the time, losing weight when you are eating a lot.
  • Answer: You can,If you lose many pounds in 1 day.For example you are 110 pounds,The next day you weight 89.Thats a posibillty you have diabetes.
  • Answer: excessive thirst.
  • Answer: Try samples from your dr. If they have any. Or contact the company the makes them. That often can lead to extra help getting your needed supplies.
  • Answer: can a diabetic take theraflu
  • Answer: A normal amount. Note that most "Low-fat" processed foods have extra sugar, and are therefore very unhealthy for diabetics.
  • Answer: its when you go to sleep and never wake up
  • Answer: sceptic,skeptic.
  • Answer: You cannot get Diabetes out of your body. You can keep it under control by reducing weight, exercise, and by taking medications regularly.
  • Answer: Yes; extra attention must be paid to blood sugar levels as stimulants will initially raise blood sugar and cause lack of appetite which could later lead to low blood sugar. Do not use Ritalin if you are unable to monitor your blood sugar level.
  • Answer: That would be a rare instance and only for your doctor to decide. There have been cases of a very mild diabetes controlled by doing regular exercise but again this is very unusual. Not taking diabetes medication when needed is a serious hazard to your health.

Is diabetic a disease?

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  • Answer: No u
  • Answer: People that have diabetes sometimes do not know that they have it, therefore their lives could be the same. Some men who suffer from diabetes are also more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • Answer: You can do pretty much everything that someone without diabetes can do. Obviously there are things that you shouldnt do; Eat too much sugary food, take drugs (other than prescription ones), drink in excess. Also there are some job which you cannot do. Join the armed forces, become a pilot, On an oil rig or cruise liner, driving a oods vehicle or passenger vehicle (bus, train, coach etc)
  • Answer: when you are diabetic then use less sugary materials because in diabetis melittus insuline are secreted in very less amount i.e negligible amount and human body is unable to store glucose . and when you it more sugar than glucagan hormone change it to glycogen . Due to this reason glucose are stored in human liver in very large amount.
  • Answer: It is when an organ, the pancreas, stops working correctly, causing a manual blood sugar. You will now have to eat strict foods, and try to keep the blood sugar in the range (100-180). You can die if you get 30 or lower. Diabetic people can also get depressed when low or high. You need to get insulin from a shot when you are high, and eat glucose when you are low. Check in at least every 6 months with your diabetic doctor. You can also get a pump, which is changed every 1-3 days.
  • Answer: We do not know. Diabetes may have been around since before the pharoahs.
  • Answer: There may be signs of insulin resistance which could lead towards developing diabetes. However with proper diet and exercise one may be able to reverse it at this stage.
  • Answer: at least 3 times a day, but it is better to have 5 small meals instead.
  • Answer: Yes, Truvia has no impact on blood sugar levels
  • Answer: A diabetic with a hole in the lining of their stomach
  • Answer: Nothing everything except eating beetles it could help actually
  • Answer: yes! it is perfectly fine for diabetics to eat fruit
  • Answer:
    • It varies from person to person. Some diabetics can have very few carbs while others appear to be safe with more. You cannot afford to take chances. You need to determine how many carbohydrates are safe for you by testing your blood sugar, with your glucometer, one hour after each meal and then again two hours after the meal.

    • You may or may not be on insulin, but it you are your carb to insulin ratio is how many carbs you eat with how many units you inject. My carb to insulin ratio is 15:1 so if I eat 60 carbs (I have diabetes type 1) I will give myself 4 units of insulin.

    • On the other hand, some people with type 2 diabetics (they are not all on insulin) cannot have much more than 20 to 25 in a day yet others can have far more. You need to test it out for you, as a unique individual, by measuring your blood sugar with your glocometer one hour after, and then two hours after, eating.